Salaries of Doctors and Nurses in Nigeria



Nurses and Doctors play significant role in Nigerian healthcare environment. Their salaries vary across industries, which makes it hard to determine the exact figure these professionals earn.

In Government Institutions Doctors earn average salary of N200k, which excludes allowances and other benefits. The salaries are, however, below what most hospitals in Europe pay their health workers. Doctors find it hard to stay in Nigeria after realizing they could earn up to 5 times abroad.

Private hospitals on the other hand could be better but what most of them pay doctors and nurses is lower than the salaries paid by federal government. Most private hospitals pay medical doctors even lower than N90K but a few pay up to N500K.

The highest paid Doctor earns N 1.5 million while the lowest, fresh graduate earns even less than N20K.

It is also shocking that many hospitals don’t pay nurses and doctors even a single Naira. These are doctors who are recruited as interns or volunteers. While other hospitals pay stipend of N10,000-N30,000 when they recruit trainees.

Since the salaries of doctors are low in Nigeria, most of them cross border to Europe, U.S.A and Canada in search of greener pastures. Others open their clinics, which pay better than employment.