Advantages of Working For NGOs and United Nations



There are over 10 advantages of working for Non-Governmental Organizations and United Nations. Every individual, especially those in developing world should strive to work here because of this.

The first advantage of being employed by NGOs is the fact that the pay is extremely good.It has been established that, regardless of which country you are based, NGO must pay you better than government, banks, insurance companies or manufacturing sectors. The best paying NGOs, however, are those affiliated to United Nations and World Bank. On average, NGOs affiliated to UN pay $1,800 per month while those affiliated to World Bank pay $1,200 per month.

The other reason why NGOs are appealing to job seekers is the fact that pre Diem is so good that an individual can spend it the whole month without touching salary. In case you have a field trip, you will expect not less than $100 per day, sometimes it can go up to $400 per day.

There is also the idea of working at your own pace. Most NGOs don’t pressure their employees to overstretch themselves so as to meet targets. You would find that working hours is from 8 am to 5 pm but workers report late and leave early. Who doesn’t like freedom?

Travelling. If you like travelling, NGO is the best place to work. You will travel from one country to the other, without spending your own money.

Experience and leadership skills. Working with NGOs will ensure you meet “big people”, who will ensure you learn one or two things about leadership and policy. In areas like UN,you will network a lot.