Articles with High Click through Rate for AdSense


There are several articles you will write that will not attract any click thus returning less revenues from AdSense. A few articles with focused long-tail keywords will have the best click through rate.

Articles targeting politics, entertainment and news have the lowest click through rate because the audience gets everything they want in the article, but those targeting career, scholarships, migration and health have the highest click through rate. If you want to know more, you can use a tool like LongTail Pro which has a free trial,click on this link to sign up for free

 The tool will list the best articles that will attract high click through rate, those that you wish to write from any part of the world and any sector of economy.

Below we have a list of some of the articles with high click through rate that will increase AdSense revenues:

  1. Bank with cheapest loans
  2. Mobile loans with lowest interest rates
  3. Online MBA Scholarships in UK
  4. Online MBA Scholarships in USA
  5. Online MBA Scholarships in Australia
  6. Online MBA Scholarships in Canada
  7. How to get USA Green Card
  8. Cheap loans for startup business
  9. Best cancer hospitals in India
  10. Price of iPhone in 2020
  11. Best Smartphones in 2020
  12. Best Low fuel consumption cars
  13. Available jobs for fresh graduates
  14. Undergraduate scholarships
  15. Postgraduate scholarships abroad
  16. Best movies to watch in 2020
  17. Cheapest tourist destinations in 2020
  18. Visa free countries in the world
  19. Best laptops to buy in 2020
  20. Where to buy genuine smartphones (in your country)
  21. Where to buy genuine smartphones (in your country)
  22. Highest paying careers (in your country)
  23. Best online business to start from home
  24. Cheapest web hosting companies
  25. Free web hosting companies
  26. Best universities (in your country)
  27. Cheapest universities (in your country)
  28. Most marketable university courses (in your country)

Those are just but a few of articles that will have high click through rate. Out of 1,000 visitors, each article will get at least 20 clicks. The adverts that will appear in those articles will be extremely relevant, very tempting to readers.

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