Testimony: The total cost of Running My Blog


I own a total of 5 blogs, all of them are popular. The most popular blog among the 5 receives 25 million page views and it cost a lot of money to run such a blog. The four other blogs attract between 100,000 and 2 million monthly page views each.

Every month, I have to incur the costs or running the blogs. I have purchased hosting from two companies, Kinsta and Bluehost.Kinsta hosts two of my blogs while Bluehost hosts three others.I know that putting all my websites in one company is risky.

I have been with Bluehost for 7 years now and with Kinsta for 6 years, both companies serve me well. I pay monthly at Kinsta and the costs in incur range between $800 and $1,000.The costs may look high but considering my two blogs get up to 30 million page views per month ,I find it not costly. From the 25 million page views for one of my blogs,I earn between $30,000 and $40,000.Paying $800 is not even a quarter of my earnings(you can follow this link to see how much Kinsta charges).Kinsta is the best web hosting company for viral blogs.Initially,I was hosting the two websites with another hosting company but due to frequent downtime, I decided to migrate them to Kinsta.

Bluehost costs me $300 per year to host three websites. For your information, if you own small and medium WordPress websites,Bluehost is the best hosting company to choose,click on this link to see their prices.I find Bluehost to be the besthosting company for my three sites. There was a time I was hosting at Namecheap and it didn’t go well,I decided to move all my sites to Kinsta and Bluehost.

If you are going to own a website with over 10 million monthly page views, be prepared to pay over $500 every month. Small hosting companies have weak servers which cannot sustain your traffic, you will be forced to move to Kinsta, eventually.

Apart from hosting, I also incur SEO cost.I have subscribed for SEMrush tool that helps me to know how my articles rank and also provides insights on how to write the best long-tail keywords.Initially,I was using it for free but later upgraded to the premium version.I pay $100 monthly to SEMrush. If you also want to join SEMrush for free,click on this link

I also use Authentic WordPress them on my website which I bought for $59.I find this theme so amazing that I won’t change to any other theme. I have also used Newspaper theme before but it was heavier than Authentic. I purchased the theme from ThemeForest.If you need the same theme,click on this link to visit ThemeForest

Those are generally the costs I incur when running this website. I spend an average of $1,000 every month on my websites but the total earnings exceed $30,000.