Average Salary of Lawyers in Nigeria



Lawyers in Nigeria earn salary based on years of experience and which company they are working for. Currently, the average salary of a qualified lawyer is NRN 50, 000, which is little as compared to what professionals like doctors and pilots earn.

If you are fresh from university, most law firms will offer you something between NRN 15,000-NR N 25, 000, and when you stay in the industry for at least 3 years, your salary will shoot to at least NRN 50,000.

Currently, not many law firms pay lawyers modest salaries, in fact some of them pay as little as NRN 15,000.If you are lucky, you will go home with NRN 40,000.

Several graduates revealed to us how much they earn as lawyers in Nigeria:


I work with a popular law firm in Lagos. My monthly pay is N45, 000, which I am not comfortable with, but due to unemployment level in this country, I want to work for 5 years, save some money and start my own law firm.


I work as a Legal Counsel at the State Office. My monthly pay is N55, 000.This money is not enough to settle my bills and also help me do my personal projects.


I have realized that in our country, studying Law degree is useless. I happen to be among Nigerians who are suffering yet we are qualified to earn even N1 million.Currently,I earn 33K,which the employer pays with conditions-I am not comfortable at all.


I am one of the luckiest lawyers in Nigeria. I pursued my law degree from Harvard University and immediately I landed in Nigeria, I got a job with one of the best paying law firms in Lagos. Currently I earn 450k per month, in addition to what I make from my side hustle.


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