Bank Tellers /Cashier Salaries in Dubai and UAE



Bank tellers in Dubai,UAE and professionals tasked with telling, opening accounts and handling cash. Their salaries vary depending on professional experience and the length an individual has worked for the bank

.The average starting salary of a teller in a medium company in Dubai is AED 3,000.This salary is paid to a person who has absolutely no experience in handling cash-in short, someone who is a trainee. In addition, the salary is mostly paid to Indians, people from Africa, Philipines and other developing countries with a surplus of human labour.

While the salaries of bank tellers and cashiers are slightly below many other professionals, there are some tellers who earn even more than bank managers. If you stay at a bank for at least 5 years, your salary will be in the upwards of AED 10, 000, and if you are promoted to the position of supervisor, then you will earn up to AED 18,000.

One thing I don’t like about this job is that despite working for several hours, bank tellers earn less than 60 % of professionals in Dubai.

Ti be a cashier, you only need at least a basic certificate, diploma or degree. But most important, experience and good communication skills.