Is Law a good degree to study in UK?



Law is one of the best degree courses to study in UK.Whether you are British national or non citizen, the course will greatly contribute to your success in life.

Law is listed among the 5 best and highest paying professions in UK with more than 80 % of graduates securing employment one year into their graduation. This means that the probability of securing employment is almost 1.

Looking at salaries, lawyers are not only among the highest paid employees in UK but also among the few individuals with highest level of job security-what else do you need in a job.

In 2006, the average salary of a lawyer in UK is £80,578 with an annual increment of 0.8 %.

This salary is, however, paid to lawyers who possess more than 3 years of professional experience. And if you are a fresh graduate, your starting salary is £30,000-£50,000

In UK, it takes a law student at least 4 years to complete undergraduate degree and more than 1 year of practice until they become ripe for the job. But once they gain experience, their salaries shoot up. This is due to the risks associated with the job.

If you intend to enroll for a course that will give you financial freedom, job security, opportunities for career growth and satisfaction, then law is the ideal course.