Banks that offer Students Loans in Kuwait


Several banks offer loans to student in Kuwait. This is one way of funding university education for those who lack enough funds to enroll for a degree or masters program.

Bank loans are inevitable in Kuwait, moreso when it comes to financing something you seriously want to accomplish. For students who would wish to get a study loan from a bank, here is a list of banks to approach.

  1. Jordan Kuwait Bank

Jordan Kuwait Bank offers loans for students attending public or private Jordanian universities and colleges.

Advantages of student loans:

  • Loans are granted to individuals working in the government sector, private sector companies, and self-employed individuals
  • Loans are granted to cover and finance university/ college tuition for a maximum of four scholastic years to the sons/ daughters of borrowers or their relatives of the first degree
  • The maximum limit of the loan is JD 15,000.
  • The loan is dispensed according to each term’s tuition
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Repayment period of up to 48 months
  1. Burgan Bank

Burgan Bank is another financial institution in Kuwait that can finance your studies as long as you have a bank account at the bank. Terms of the loan are almost similar to that of Jordan Kuwait Bank.

  1. Kuwait Finance House

KFH Bahrain’s Student Finance is designed to encourage and facilitate entry into higher education by financing tuition fees for undergraduate as well as graduate students in Bahrain undertaking studies at universities accredited by the Ministry of Education. Student Financing may also be extended to students undertaking studies at international universities on a case by case basis.

In addition to a quick, easy application and decision making process, the student or the guardian may apply for tenor of up to seven years. To be eligible to apply for Student Financing, the students should have successfully completed their high school studies with a grade average of at least 85% or undergraduate degrees with a grade average of 3.0 or higher. The student must be over the age of 21 or where this is not the case, the guardian of the student may apply for Student Financing on behalf of the student.

Achieve an average of 85% or an accumulated GPA of 3.0 and we will get you going to university.

  1. Commercial Bank of Kuwait

As long as you have a bank account at Commercial Bank of Kuwait, you can get a loan to finance your studies. The best loan to take is the Consumer Loan, which does not have many restrictions.

The Consumer loan offers some extra cash to finance a personal durable items and other expenses.


Interest rate used is CB discount rate + 3% charged monthly on reduced balance basis.


Loan is granted against an irrevocable salary assignment including indemnity from pre-approved employer. (Private sector)Government employees’ salary assignment is guaranteed by the Civil Services Commission agreement with banks

Loan Period

From 12 to 60 months.


Min loan amount is KD 2,500/- and Max 15,000/-


Age of borrower is from 21 years to 69 years provided his age will not exceed 70 years on loan expiry, As for non-Kuwaitis; age is from 21 to 59 years, and the loan should expire before completing the age of 60.


Optionally, the borrower can enjoy a peace of mind, with our insurance that covers death claims, by paying only 2% of the loan amount on monthly basis, If the borrower does not wish to pay the insurance, then a personal guarantor should be provided.


Max. amount 15 times the salary, amount should not exceed KD15,000/- provided Min. salary KD250/- with a Min. of 3 month employment (private sector), or 1 month employment (Government sector) or 3 month salary payments with other banks, and 1 month salary payment with the Bank


Maximum amount is 15 times the salary for a minimum salary of KD400, or the end of service indemnity with a minimum salary of KD250/- or a Maximum of 15 times salary, plus the indemnity amount for a Minimum salary of KD550/-, in addition of a minimum of 2 years employment.


Needs to have an account at Altijari for at least 3 months, with no past defaults, otherwise a personal guarantee is required.