Is BBA Marketable in Kenya



Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is one of the best courses to study in Kenya. According to latest statistics, it is among the top 15 most marketable courses in the country.

When you don’t get admission to study Bachelor of Commerce, you can either join BBA or Bachelor of Business Management. The three courses have almost similar content but BCOM is much broad. However,BBA allows you to specialize in Accounting,HR,Marketing or Finance .

The most important thing to learn from this post is that the course is highly competitive,and there are thousands of graduates who compete for similar limited opportunities in the country.If you want to get employed immediately you are through with college make sure you study professional courses such as CPA,CFA,ACCA,CS or CIFA.

Employers in Kenya nowadays give these professionals more attention as compared to degree certificates.

With a degree in business administration you can work in banks, insurance companies, manufacturing firms,audit firms,law firms and all sectors that need professionals with accounting, marketing and finance background.

We have realized that over 70 % of BBA graduates work in local banks while a few work in government institutions such as KRA and ministry of finance.