Best Courses to Study at STI Education Group, South Africa



STI Education Group is one of the best colleges for studying IT and programming courses. There are over 10 programmes at the institution, but we are going to guide you on the best degree courses to enroll for.

  1. Bachelor of Commerce Degree

Bachelor of Commerce is the most ideal program to pursue at STI Education Group, South Africa. This course, alongside CFA or ACCA and an MBA will ensure you cut a niche for yourself.

As you are aware, business graduates have flooded the job market, as a result, the number of opportunities available has declined. But with a degree in Commerce and a professional certification, employment is a sure bet.

  1. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Bachelor of IT is another popular degree program in this university. We are living in a world of technology and technology courses are the ones trending in South Africa. If you pursue a degree in IT then you major in software and apps development, chances of securing a well-paying job are extremely high.

Other short courses to pursue at the college include:

  1. Higher Certificate in Information Systems Network Engineering
  2. Short Learning Programme in IT Engineering
  3. Short Learning Programme in Basic Programming
  4. Short Learning Programme in Internet Development Specialist

These courses are aligned towards IT and software Engineering. They are, therefore, the best for individuals who are planning to make it in the world of IT.