Best Courses to Study in Kenya with D+,D and D-


Even if you scored a D-,D or D+ there are several marketable courses to study in Kenya and get a well-paying job. While most people believe that scoring a D is the end of life, we have seen many people succeed with a mean grade of D-

Nowadays most companies consider competence more than academic papers. In addition, they prefer those with technical skills over those with managerial courses. A good example is students who score D and proceed to pursue a certificate in Mechanical Engineering. Such students will secure employment earlier than those with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

If you scored a D in KCSE,don’t lose hope, here are the best courses you can do with the grade:

  1. Diploma in Printing Technology—Technical University of Kenya(D+)
  2. Certificate in Journalism (Kenya Institute of Mass Communication)
  3. Certificate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (TUK,TUM etc)
  4. Certificate in Mechanical Engineering(TUK,TUM,etc)
  5. Certificate in Accounting and Management Skills (CAMS)(KASNEB) D plain
  6. Certificate in Artificial Insemination
  7. Certificate in Bridging Mathematics
  8. Certificate in Bridging Physics
  9. Certificate in Business Information Technology
  10. Certificate in Computer Application Packages
  11. Certificate in Computer Engineering
  12. Certificate in Early Childhood Studies
  13. Certificate in Entrepreneurship
  14. Certificate in Hospitality Management
  15. Certificate in Information Technology
  16. Certificate in Journalism and Mass Communication
  17. Certificate in Marketing Management
  18. Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics
  19. Certificate in Project Management
  20. Certificate in Public Relations and Diplomacy
  21. Certificate in Procurement and Supplies Management
  22. Certificate in Science Lab Technology
  23. Certificate in Travel and Tourism Management
  24. Certificate in Food Production
  25. Certificate in Building Technology
  26. Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation

The best certificate courses are those which gives you necessary skills to start your own business. One of the courses is Certificate in Mechanical Engineering. With this qualification, you will start your own mechanic and become a millionaire.


  1. My child had a D- and he has a right hand disability help which course can he take ? Can he take Electric and Electronic?