Between MKU and Kenyatta University which is better


You may want to join either MKU or Kenyatta University but you don’t know which is better between the two universities. The answer is simple, Kenyatta University. The reason I chose Kenyatta University is because it’s a government institution which will not be closed anytime soon.For MKU,the owner might decide to close it or change it to an hotel anytime which will be a blow to alumni .

Kenyatta University has a better ranking that Mount Kenya University.Webometrics always rank KU among top 5 best universities in Kenya while MKU’s ranking is not constant.

Employers also prefer students from Kenyatta University as opposed to those from MKU, this is because Kenyatta University has the best quality education than MKU.

In terms of infrastructure, Kenyatta University has excellent score, it even has a referral hospital and the largest library in East and Central Africa.

If you have a chance and you were to choose between the two universities, I prefer Kenyatta University.