Can I Quit My Job and Become a Full Time Gambler


Most people wonder whether they can quit their jobs and become full time gamblers, good question employees, especially the youths should ask themselves before they quit. We’ll it’s not gross to gambler but making the decision of quitting your current job to become a full time gambler is suicidal.

As a matter of fact, gambling is sweet, it’s enticing and once you have started quitting is almost impossible. The urge for gambling more become evident when you win once, twice and regularly. But as the saying goes, “there is always day and night”, In gambling, there are harvesting days and days when things don’t work. At first it may seem like a sustainable venture but in the long run it becomes expensive and even brings mental problems.

If you are a trained professional, never make a mistake of quitting your job no matter how profitable gambling may look. I suggest that you take gambling as a leisure undertaking and not profit making venture. If you sell your soul to gambling, you will eventually get hurt.

I am one of the people who have participated in gambling for decades and what I say here is from experience. I started betting early 2000 when betting companies were few.I could send the money via Western Union to a betting company situated in UK,then bet for popular matches like Arsenal vs Manchester United. Those days betting was cheap and there were few matches being fixed, especially for big teams. I started as a joke but over time, I realized I could not concentrate anywhere, all I was doing is bet, bet, bet and always think about betting. Productivity became low until I sought the services of a counsellor.

I came to regulate myself after my employer threatened to sack me.I thought of quitting my job to focus on gambling but friends advised me against that decision. The last resort was to bet in moderation. Until now, I bet but in moderation.

You can’t compare your career with gambling. Your career will end when you exit this earth while gambling will end any day. What if the government decides to ban gambling?

Your career has only positive impact on your financial and emotional thoughts which is not the case for gambling. There are numerous people who commit suicide due to gambling, but have you heard anybody committing suicide because of securing employment or working hard to excel?

I always tell my friends, if you must bet, please don’t sacrifice your career.