Cheapest Web Hosting Companies in Kenya


Before you decide to buy web hosting services, look at the cost of each package first. While cheap hosting companies are not always the best, at least there are a couple of them which are fair to its clients.

One peculiar thing about purchasing hosting space is that when you migrate to a company, it takes so long before you move to another company. It’s good that you conduct thorough research before you settle on a hosting company.

There are over 76 registered hosting companies in Kenya but we shall only pick the best and review each.

Each of the hosting companies have what we call layers of hosting services. There is the shared hosting, VPS, Cloud Hosting and dedicated Server. The cheapest hosting plans are found in the Shared Hosting package. Since 95% of bloggers in Kenya prefer shared hosting plans, we shall focus more on them as compared to other plans.

  1. Kenya Website Experts

Kenya Website Experts is the most popular web hosting company in Kenya. The company offers hosting services as well as the option of buying domain names. For a website with less than 300,000 visits per month, you’ll host for Ksh 2,100 per year.

Kenya Website Experts was my first hosting company before I migrated to Kinsta.I can’t say that their services were bad, but I can confirm if you have a small or medium website, this is the company you should host your site with.

The starter package costs Ksh 2,100 per year, it’s the cheapest, followed by Standard which goes for Ksh 7,100. There are also two other packages under shared hosting plan: Bronze and Gold packages. Most website owners go for the starter plan and later upgrade to those with more resources.

  1. Truehost

Truehost is also another hosting plan which is popular among bloggers in Kenya. The cost of hosting range between Ksh 1,499 and Ksh 3499.There is also the option of hosting for free.

If you are buying a new domain, then you can go for the free plan which lasts for 30 days then buy Silver package that costs Ksh 1,499 per year.

Truehost is cheaper than 90% of the hosting companies in Kenya.

  1. Host Pinnacle

Another cheap hosting company I would recommend is Host Pinnacle. The annual subscription costs range between Ksh1,500 and Ksh 3000.With a new website, clients will pay Ksh1,500 per year.

The company currently has over 10,000 clients and its client base is growing significantly.

  1. Safaricom

Safaricom is the most profitable company in East and Central Africa. Apart from offering calling and SMS services, the telecom company also provides hosting services. It’s one of the few hosting companies in Kenya that have their own servers.

The budget of hosting your site at Safaricom is Ksh 1,000 to Ksh 10,000 per year.

Safaricom servers are stable, which is why over 3,000 Kenyans host their sites in this company.

  1. Bluehost

The last hosting company in our list is Bluehost. This one is an international hosting company that hosts over 2 million websites. More than half of bloggers in Kenya have hosted their sites in Bluehost.

The cheapest hosting plan costs Ksh 395 per month.

If you don’t want to get into troubles with a hosting company, choose Bluehost. You can follow this link to check their plans