CIC Insurance Jobs and Salaries in Kenya



CIC Insurance is one of the best insurance companies in Kenya. The financial institution employs fresh graduates, sales executives, experienced professionals and support staff. At CIC, the salaries are paid based on your negotiating skills and the position you hold at the company.

Starting with sales executives, these employees are hired through a competitive process and after joining the company, they earn nothing except attractive commissions. This position is the most challenging and demanding among the existing positions.

Fund Manager, Human Resource Manager and other Managers who report to the Director earn average salary of Sh600, 000 per month, the CEO earns Ksh 1.8M-2.1M per month.

Actuaries, Financial Analysts and other professionals who have serious professional certification earn average salary of Ksh400, 000 while those below them earn Ksh 150,000-Ksh250, 000.

Branch Managers at CIC earn between Ksh 250,000-Ksh 350,000 per month. This salary is not uniform because employers who joined the institution earlier earn even above Ksh 400,000 per month.

Accountants, auditors and other junior professionals earn average monthly salary of Ksh150, 000 while graduate trainees, who are recruited fresh from college earn between Ksh80, 000 to Ksh120, 000.

CIC is ranked third best paying insurance company in Kenya but for you to join the institution, you must be extremely good in your area of specialization or simply have connections.

If you want to join CIC, simply log on to their website and apply for available vacancies, send your CV to the company through hard copy application or simply give someone who works there your application letter to deliver to the Human Resource department.