Courses offered at RVIST


Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology(RVIST) is one of the best colleges for technical courses in Kenya. The college offers courses in technical areas, business, education, social science and many marketable areas. It’s also a cheap institution.

If you want to join RVIST, choose a course from among the courses listed below:


Electrical and Electronics Department

1.Artisan in Electrical Installation1YearSeptember
2.Higher Dip. In Electrical Engineering2 YearsMay
3.Craft Certificate in Electrical and Electronics –Power option1 Year perMay/
 (Module I & II)ModuleSeptember
4.Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering-Power1 Year perMay
 (Module I, II & III)ModuleSeptember
5.Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering-1 Year perMay/
 Telecommunication (Module I, II & III)ModuleSeptember
Hospitality and Tourism Studies Department  
6.Artisan in Housekeeping1 YearMay/Sept
7.Artisan in Garment Making1 YearMay/Sept
8.Artisan in Food and Beverages1 YearMay/Sept
9.Craft Certificate in Fashion and Design Module I, II1 Year PerMay/
10.Craft Certificate in Food and Beverages Production and Service1 YearMay/Sept
 & Sales (Module I & II)per Module 
11.Craft Certificate in Catering & Accommodation Module I&II1 Year per ModuleJanuary/
12.Craft Certificate in Tour Guiding and Travel Operations1 Year per ModuleJanuary/
 Module I & II May
13.Diploma in Fashion & Design and Clothing Technology2 Terms perMay/
 Module I,II & IIIModuleSeptember
14.Diploma in Food and Beverages Management Module I,II & III1 Year PerMay/
15.Diploma in Catering & Accommodation Module I,II&III1Year per ModuleMay/Sept
16.Diploma in Tourism Management Module I,II &III1 Year per ModuleMay/Sept
17.Higher National Diploma in Food and Beverage2 YearsMay/Sept
Agriculture Education and Extension Department  
18.National Vocational Certificate in Modern Methods inLevel 1, 1YearMay/Sept
 Agribusiness ( Level 1 & 2)Level 2,6Months 
19.Craft Certificate in General Agriculture2 YearsJan/May
20.Diploma in Agriculture (Module 1,11 & 111)  
  1 Year perMay/Sept
21.Diploma in Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Development
 (Module 1,11 & 111)Module 
22.Diploma in Entrepreneurial Agriculture (Module 1,11 & 111)  


Agricultural and Mechanical Engineering Department

23Artisan in Welding and Fabrication1YearMay
24Artisan in Automotive Engineering1YearSeptember
25.Craft Certificate in Mechanical Engineering (Module I & II)1Year perMay/Sept
26.Craft Certificate in Motor Vehicle Mechanics  (Automotive)1YearMay/Sept
 (Module I & II)Per Module 
27.Craft Certificate in Agricultural Mechanics2YearsJanuary/
28.Diploma in Automotive Engineering (Module I, II & III)1Year perMay/Sept
29.Diploma in Agricultural Engineering3YearsJanuary/
30.Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Production) (Module I, II1Year perMay/Sept
 & III)Module 
ICT Department   
31International Computer Driving License (ICDL)4MonthsJanuary, May,
32.Craft Certificate in Information Studies Module 1 & 11 (Library)1Year PerMay/Sept
33.Diploma in Information Studies (Library)2YearsJanuary/May
34.Diploma in Computer Studies2YearsJanuary/May
35.Diploma in Information Communication Technology (ICT)1 Year PerMay/Sept
 Module 1, 11 & 111Module 
36.Craft Certificate in Information Communication Technology1Year perMay/Sept
 Module I & IIModule 
37.Computer Packages1 Month 
38.Computer Repair and Maintenance1 Month 
Building and Civil Engineering Department   
40Craft Certificate in Building Technology Module I & II1Year PerMay
41.Craft Certificate Land Survey2YearsMay
42.Craft Certificate in Carpentry and Joinery2YearsMay
43.Craft Certificate in Masonry2YearsMay
44.Craft Certificate in Plumbing & Building services2YearsMay
45.Diploma in Water Technology3YearsSeptember
46.Diploma in Building Technology (Module I, II & III)1Year perSeptember
47.Diploma in Civil Engineering(Module I, II & III)1Year perSeptember
48.Diploma in Quantity Surveying3YearsSeptember
49Diploma in Architecture (Module I, II & III)1Year perSeptember
50Diploma in Land Surveying2YearsSeptember
Health and Applied Sciences Department   
51Diploma in Medical Engineering3 YearsMay
 KCSE C- with D+ in English/Kisw,Bio, Chem, Maths/Physics   
52.Craft Certificate in Science Laboratory Technology ( Module I1Year perMay /


   & II) KCSE D+ (PLUS) with D in Math/Physics, D in Bio & D in Chem.ModuleSeptember
   For module II pass in module I  
 53. Craft Certificate in Petroleum Geo-science ( Module I & II)1 Year perMay/
   For Module I KCSE D+ (PLUS) with D in math/Physics & D+ inModuleSeptember
   Eng/Kisw. For Module II Pass in Module I  
 54. Diploma in Analytical Chemistry Module I,II & III1 Year PerMay/
   KCSE C-(MINUS) with C- in Chem, D+ in Math and D+ in Eng/Kisw.ModuleSeptember
   For Module II pass in Module I and for Module III pass in Module II  
 55. Diploma in Applied Biology Module I, II & III1 Year PerMay/
   KCSE C-(MINUS) with C- in Bio, D+ in Chem, D+ in Math/Agr. & D+ModuleSeptember
   in Eng/Kisw. For Module II pass in Module I and for Module III pass in  
   Module II.  
 56. Diploma in Petroleum Geo-science (Module I, II & III)1 Year perMay/
   KCSE C-(MINUS) with D+ in Maths/ Physics, D+ in Chem & D+ inModuleSeptember
   Eng/Kisw.  For Module II Pass Module Iand for Module III pass in  
   Module II.  
 57. Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics (Module I, II & III)1 Year perMay/
   KCSE C- (MINUS) with D+ in Eng/Kisw,Bio,Chem and D  inModuleSeptember
   Math/Physics/Home Science/Agr. For Module II pass in Module I and  
   for Module III pass in Module II.  
 58 Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology3 YearsMay
   KCSE C (PLAIN) with C in Math/Physics, C in Eng/Kisw,  
   C in Bio & C in Chem.  
 59. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology3 YearsMay
   KCSE C (PLAIN) with C in Math/Physics, C in Eng/Kisw,  
   C in Bio & C in Chem.  
 Liberal Studies Department  
 60 Craft Certificate in Social Work & Community Development5 TermsJanuary/May/
 61 Certificate in Counseling Psychology September
 62 Diploma in Social Work and Community Development6 MonthsJan/May/
   Module I,II & IIIPer ModuleSeptember
 Business Studies Department  
 63 Craft Certificate in Secretarial Studies (Modules 1& 11)1 Year perMay/
 64. Craft Certificate in Sales and Marketing (Module 1& 11)6 Months perMay/
 65 Craft Certificate in Supply Chain Management (Module I & II)6 Months perMay/
 66 Craft Certificate in Cooperative Management Module I & II6 Months perJanuary/May
 67 Craft Certificate in Business Management  (Module I & II)6 Months perMay/September
 68 Craft Certificate in Human Resource Management (Module 1 & 11)6 Months perMay/September
 69 Diploma in Supply Chain Management (Module I, II & III)6 Months perMay/September
 70 Diploma in Accountancy3 YearsMay/September
 71. Diploma in Banking and Finance3 YearsMay /September
 72. Diploma in Business Management (Module I, II & III)6 Months perMay/September
 73 Diploma in Cooperative Management Module I,II & III2 Terms perMay/September
 74. Diploma in Human Resource Module 1, 11, 1116 Months perMay/
 75 Diploma in Secretarial Studies Module I, II & III6 Months perMay/


     Module September  
76Diploma in Road Transport Management Module I,II & III 6 Months per May/  
     Module September  
77Diploma in Project Management Module I,II & III 6 Months per January/Sept 
78Higher Diploma in Human Resource Management 2 Years April/Dec  
79Higher Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development 4 Holidays April/Dec  
80Higher Diploma in Secretarial Studies  2 Years April/Dec  
81CPA/CPS Section II – VI  6 Months May  
 KCSE C+ (Plus) with C+ in English & Maths or Pass ATC Level II       
82Certified Credit Professionals (CCP) (Pass in relevant sections) 6 Months May  
83.Certified Investment Financial Analyst (CIFA)  6 Months May  
 (KCSE C+ (Plus) with c+ in English and Maths)        
84Diploma in Credit Management (DCM) Level I  6 Months May  
 (KCSE C-  (Minus)        
85Accounting Technicians Diploma (ATD) Level I  6 Months May  
 (KCSE C-  (Minus)        
86Diploma in French (DELF AI & 2)  6 months May  
 (Open to all)        
87Diploma in German (Level 1,2, & 3)  6 Months May  
 (Open to all)        
88ICT Technician   level 5 1 yearKCSE D+(Plus)TVET ICT
89Records and Archives   level 5 1 yearKCSE D+(Plus)TVET ICT
90Dairy Farm Management  level 4 6 monthsKCSE D (Plain)TVET AEE
91Horticultural Production level 4 6 monthsKCSE D (Plain)TVET AEE
92Poultry Layers Production Operation  level 4 6 monthsKCSE D (Plain)TVET AEE
93Front Office Operations level 3 3 monthsKCSE CertificateTVET B/S
94Office Assistance level 4 6 monthsKCSE D (Plain)TVET B/S
95Masonry level 3 3 monthsKCSE CertificateTVET BCE
96Plumbing level 3 3 monthsKCSE CertificateTVET BCE
97Agriculture Machinery and Equipment level 4 6 monthsKCSE D (Plain)TVET AGME
98Motor Vehicle Mechanics   level 5 1 yearKCSE D+ (Plus)TVET AGME
99Mechanical Engineering Technician level 3 3 monthsKCSE CertificateTVET AGME
100Electrical Installation level 3 3 monthsKCPE with 2TVET ELECTRICAL
    years’ experienceCDACC   
101Electrical Installation level 5 1 yearKCSE D+ (Plus)TVET ELECTRICAL
102Solar PV Installation level 3 3 monthsKCSE CertificateTVET ELECTRICAL
103Baking Technology level 4 6 monthsKCSE D(Plain)TVET HATS
104Housekeeping and Accommodation level 4 6 monthsKCSE D (Plain)TVET HATS
105Food and Beverage Production level 6 2 yearsKCSE C-(Minus)TVET HATS


106Fashion Design Technology level 46 monthsKCSE D(Plain)TVETHATS
107Fashion Design (Dress Making) level 33 monthsKCSE CertificateTVETHATS

Please note:

  1. Mean grade C-(Minus) and above for Diploma courses, ECDE Diploma C (Plain)
  1. Mean grade D (Plain) and above for Certificate Courses, ECDE Certificate D+ (Plus) and above.
  2. Mean grade D-(Minus) or KCPE for Artisan Courses.
  1. Our Nakuru Town Campus is located at Dimu House adjacent to KRA offices.
  2. Our Kericho Town Campus is located at Ndege Chai House- Kericho
  3. Courses are offered on full time, part time and school based (In-service).
  • Tailor made courses are available on request.
  • Individuals with work experience in appropriate fields may apply to be assessed for Recognition of Prior Learning for courses examined by TVET – CDACC

Apply to:

THE PRINCIPAL RVIST P O BOX 7182 NAKURU, enclosing copies of ID card, Birth Certificate, academiccertificates and non-refundable fee of Kshs.500/- to be deposited in RVIST A/C Nakuru Branch at either Kenya

Commercial Bank 1101786221 or Co-operative Bank of Kenya 01129087643400. Deposits may be made at any branch country wide. Include your mobile number in your application letter. Accommodation is limited and only available at the Main Campus. For more details visit our website


Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology does NOT discriminate on any account including but NOT limited to Gender or Disability.

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