Cytonn Investments Jobs and salaries



Cyton Investment Company isolated itself from Britam, it’s now independent. The company offers good salaries and stable jobs for fresh graduates as well as experienced professionals.

According to our source at Cytonn, fresh graduate who is recruited as research associate, real estate associate, graduate trainee or any position that require no experience but university degree earns Ksh 55,000-Ksh70,000,while those who have accumulated at least three years’ experience earn Ksh90,000-Ksh 120,000.

Senior employees, at management level, are paid Ksh 150,000-Ksh 250,000 while the directors earn above Ksh400, 000.

Sales executives are paid Ksh 25,000-Ksh40, 000 while front office and secretaries earn average salary of Ksh 35,000

The most preferred degrees at Cytonn include:

  1. Real Estate Management
  2. Architecture
  3. Statistics
  4. Actuarial science
  5. Business administration
  6. Bachelor of commerce
  7. Financial engineering
  8. Human Resource Management
  9. Sales and Marketing
  10. Law
  11. Structural engineering
  12. Information Technology/Computer Science

The company is expanding, so you need to apply for employment even if jobs have not been advertised.

The company employ on contract basis but the contract is automatically be renewed if your performance is good.