Nestle South Africa Salaries



Nestle South Africa is one of the best employers to work for in South Africa. Apart from their many privileges, employees’ salaries are also good. Starting from the CEO down to fresh graduates, nobody complains of being underpaid.

The CEO of Nestle earns at least R 300k, which is exclusive of bonuses and other benefits.

Fresh graduates, who are employed as graduate trainees earn R 10k-R15k.This is when the trainees have zero professional experience.

Latest figures show that an accountant at the firm goes home with at least R20k, Engineers earn R 50k-R100k while casual workers take home at least R5k.

Top managers, except the CEO, earn between R 70k-R 200k.These is an individual with several years of professional experience

The most preferred skills at Nestle include:

Accounting and finance

Sales and marketing

Public relations

Statistics and data analysis

Human resources

Production engineering

Mechanical and electrical engineering

Food science

Industrial chemistry