Diamond bank Nigeria salaries



Diamond Bank is one of the best paying banks in Nigeria. The bank employs fresh graduates as well as experienced graduates with wide range of skills.

If you are recruited as a fresh graduate employee, your starting salary will be N150k-200k.This is way above what 90 5 of the companies in Nigeria pay.

Graduate trainee are selected from over 10,000 job applicants who send their CVs to the bank annually. They are then trained and offered employment and good renumeration.

The most preferred skills for this position include business courses, actuarial science, statistics, economics, HR, accounting and finance and marketing. But since there is high competition for few opportunities, those with qualifications in Certified Internal Audit certification, CFA or ACCA are often given first priority.

If you stay at the bank for at least 3 years, you automatically earn above N200k, and if you are fortunate to enter managerial level your salary will jump to at least N300k

The CEO and top managers earn at least N1 million, which is good compared to other banks.