Diploma in Clinical Medicine salaries in Kenya



I know many of you are wondering what the salaries are for clinical medicine diploma holders. We reveal what the government and private sector pay these professionals.

New and fresh employees from clinical medicine background earn Ksh 27,000-Ksh 35,000 if they are recruited by the ministry of health and government hospitals. The salary will stagnate for at least three years until the individuals gain professional experience and promotion. It will then be adjusted to Ksh 37,000-Ksh 45,000.

You will realize that the salaries differ a lot between those who work in private sector and public sector employees.If for instance you secure employment at busy hospitals like MP Shah and Agah Khan,you are likely to receive a monthly salary of at least Ksh35,000 when you possess zero professional experience.

Generally, nursing profession is not a well paying career in Kenya. It’s evident that not a single nurse with a diploma qualification earns more than Ksh180, 000, unless that nurse owns his/her own clinic.

But I will strongly encourage you to pursue clinical medicine,secure employment at NGOs like MSF or International Red Cross so that you can earn at least Ksh100,000.alternatively,you can start your own pharmacy and make very good cash.