Drivers Salaries in UAE/Dubai



Drivers in Dubai earn a salary of between AED 2,000 to AED 7,000 per month.While this is the case,some drivers earn in excess of AED 10,000 especially those who drive senior government officials.

At initial stages,a driver earns a monthly salary of AED 2,500.This is the reasonable minimum amount a driver in UAE should ear.After 3 to 5 years,the salary increases to a minimum AED 4,000.

In three years a driver in this country,especially those who drive commercial vehicles/trucks earn not less than AED 4,500.

Research shows that the average salary of a school bus driver is AED 3,500 while that of a taxi is in the neighbourhood of AED 3,000.

If you are from India or Africa,your new and starting salary will be AED 2,500.This salary is specifically for people who have zero professional experience and who have not worked for an employer for more than 3 years.After some time,the salary increases,reaching even AED 7,000.

The best paid drivers include those who drive VIPs and those who drive heavy commercial vehicles that transport oil.