Front Office Receptionists and secretaries Salaries in UK



Front Office secretaries and receptionists salaries in UK do not vary much across industries. Based on the figures in our possession, a fresh graduate with zero professional experience takes home £10,300 per year.

If an individual stays at the company for 3 years, the salary will shoot up. Currently, this particular individual earns £16,300 per year.

What is more shocking with this career, unlike popular professions like Medicine and Law, the salary does not change much over time. You will find an individual who was earning £13,000 two years ago earning £14,000 now. But a doctor joins with at least £50,200 and after 2 years, his salary crosses the £70,000 mark.

The highest paid front office staff in UK takes home £30,500.

To be a front office staff, you are required to pursue a diploma/certificate in front office or customer care.