Highest and best paying careers in China



China has some of the best paying careers, which pay up to 10,000 Yuan per year. Out of the 300 careers existing in China, only a third pay more than 5,000 Yuan per month.

It is wise, before you join college or launch your career, to know the best degree course to do that can impact your life positively. In regards to success in life, here are the careers to take so as to earn the best salary in China


Actuaries work in the insurance, finance actuarial firms and stock brokers.According to latest statistics, the average salary of an actuary in China is 12,000 Yuan per month, making them among the highest paid workers in China.

To be an actuary, it takes an individual four year of university training and qualification in actuarial professional courses offered by the society of actuaries and other recognized actuarial bodies.

Financial analysts

Financial analysts mostly work in the stock market and financial institutions. The starting salary of a financial analyst in China is 8,000Yuan.

This is slightly less than what an actuary earns but better than most careers in China

The most qualified and experienced actuary earns over 13,000Yuan, and to be qualified you must earn the most prestigious financial certification, Chartered Financial Analyst.

Software Engineers

Software Engineers develop applications and help companies beat competition by coming up with new technologies. These professionals are highly valued in china, and according to salary survey an experience software engineer earns at least 15,000Yuan per month.

To be a hot cake engineer, you must have world class skills in programming and be innovative enough to beat your peers.

It takes a software student at least 4 years to complete training in college, thereafter he can join a popular IT firm for attachment and employment.

Medical Doctor

Pursuing a medical degree in China is very rewarding. To be honest, doctors here earn modest salary, which is above 95 % of professions in China. The starting salary of a medical doctor is 10,000Yuan per month in a popular private hospital while experienced doctors earn above 200,000Yuan per year.

Civil Engineers

A civil engineer is somebody who can easily start his consultant firm and thrive. Due to the growing number of constructions both roads, bridges, houses and infrastructures, civil engineers are in demand.

The starting salary of a civil engineer in China is 8,000 Yuan per month. The salary, however, depends on the company one is working for. The government tends to pay lower than the private sector.

Marketing Manager

Sales and marketing is ideal course for people who want to increase sales for companies. Though the course doesn’t pay very well when someone is launching a career, at managerial level it pays more than many other professions in China.

A sales person is very important in any organization, which is why the average salary of sales manager in China is 150,000 Yuan per annum.

Certified public accountants

Certified public accountants are responsible for managing finances of a company. Due to the important duties they execute, their salaries are good. According to latest figures, a certified public accountant earns 10,000 Yuan per month.


It’s strange that in China, professionals in the logistics industry earn even more than lecturers.

The course keeps on attracting good renumeration due to the high demand for their services.

The starting salary of a fresh graduate logistician in China is 8,000 Yuan. Experienced logisticians earn up to 15,000 Yuan per month.


Piloting a very rewarding career in China and the world at large.The average salary of a pilot in China is 12,000 Yuan per month. A captain earns more because of professional experience.

Aeronautical engineer

Aeronautical career is a rare profession in China but it pays very well. Looking at the salaries, the average salary of a fresh graduate working at the aviation industry is 8,000 Yuan per month.

Oil and gas engineer

They work in the oil and gas industry, which is regarded as the highest paying industry in China. The average salary of this engineer is 14,000Yuan per month.