Highest Paying Careers in UAE


The highest paying careers in UAE are those with plenty of opportunities and essentials in the economy. There are specific careers which pay as high as Dh 300,000 per month. The list below is a selection of some of the highest paying jobs in the country.

  • Medical Doctor

Medical Doctors are extremely important to the country; they determine the health of a nation. In a good month, a Medical Doctor earns upwards of Dh 250,000. Those with more than 10 years of experience take home up to Dh500,000.

To become a medical doctor, you have to undergo thorough training which span up to 8 years. Upon completion, you’ll secure employment without much efforts.

  • Lawyers

Employed lawyers earn between Dh 90,000 to Dh 200,000 depending on the company they work for. Those in private practice can make as high as Dh 10 million per month especially if they are dealing with high voltage clients. Corporate lawyers earn between Dh 100,000 and Dh 500,000 every month.

  • Oil & Gas Engineer

If you pursue a course in Oil and Gas Engineering, you’ll end up working for an oil company. Oil companies are among the highest paying institutions in the country. In UAE, an experienced engineer working for an oil company takes home upwards of Dh 100,000. There are a couple of engineers paid more than Dh 500,000 every month depending on the sensitivity of their work.

  • Chief Executive Officer

If you rise to become a Chief Executive Officer of any other organization in UAE, then your salary will be so good. Nearly 90% of CEOs here earn upwards of Dh 500,000 per month.

But becoming a CEO is not easy unless you start your own company and make yourself a CEO.The work of a CEO is to run the affairs of an institution, in case of any issue, he is the one answerable. Nobody in an organization earns more than a CEO.

  • Real Estate Manager

Real Estate is a booming business in UAE.Anybody working as a Manager earns a decent salary. Since you are the one driving the business of a company, it means you have to be well renumerated in order to deliver. An established real estate company pays their managers Dh 90,000 to Dh 250,000 per month. Managers also benefit from commissions after meeting their target.

  • Pilot

Aviation industry is among top 3 best paying industries in UAE.Pilots earn a monthly salary of Dh 100,000 to Dh 700,00. Those with more than 10 years’ of experience may earn more than Dh 700,000 depending on the size of planes and distance they fly.

To become a Pilot, one has to go through training that costs over Dh 2 million and also fly for some hours during training. It takes someone over 3 years of training to qualify as a pilot in UAE.

  • Hotel Manager

Hotel Industry is not only well paying, but the best place to work for when you need to meet people of different races. Low caliber employees like waiters earn an average of Dh 50,000 but when someone becomes a manager, they salaries shoot to over Dh 200,000. Managers also benefit from time to time commissions and tips.

  • Actuary

Actuary work for insurance companies, government institutions, risk management companies, stock brokers, banks and insurance firms. Those with professional certification, especially from the Society of Actuaries are paid more than Dh 200,000 per month.

To become an Actuary in UAE, you have to pursue a degree in Actuarial Science, which takes at least 4 years, then enroll for professional certification. Professional certification might take up to 8 years. Upon completion, your starting salary will be more than Dh 100,000.

Actuarial models developed by Actuaries are the ones used by insurance companies to determine claims and pension firms to determine the amount of money retirees should be paid. They are also used to come up with annuity and perpetuity figures.

  • Software Engineers

Software Engineers work in IT firms, telecommunication institutions and software development companies, they are among the highest paid professionals in UAE.In a month, a Software Engineer will take home upwards of Dh 90,000.

  • Accountant

If you possess a Bachelor of Commerce degree,CPA or CFA and manage to become an accountant, you’ll start earning more than Dh 50,000.Your salary will grow over time to surpass Dh 100,000 within 3 years. The more experience you gain as an accountant, the more you earn. Accountants are the ones who grow to become Chief Finance Officers of companies.

  • Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineers won’t be ignored when we are talking about hefty salaries. Most of them work for oil companies, electricity generating companies, telecommunication companies and government institutions. The salary range of an electrical Engineer in UAE is Dh 70,000 to Dh 300,000. The amount of money a professional earns is related to the company they work for, job title and experience accumulated over time.

  • Marketing Managers

Without Marketing department, most companies won’t be selling anything. Marketing Managers earn commissions, salaries and bonuses. In this position, an individual can easily pull in over Dh 300,000 per month. The lowest salary of a Marketing Manager in Dubai is in the neighbourhood of Dh 70,000.

  • Blogging

Most individuals don’t know that blogging is among the highest paying careers in UAE.Majority of bloggers earn over Dh 100,000 per month. Bloggers earn from AdSense, direct banner advertisements, sponsored articles and by selling individual products through the blogs. To start a blog,you require a capital of Dh 1,000 to Dh 4,000.If you want to become a blogger,click on this link to register a website

The competition in this industry is low. Blogging is open to anyone regardless of their area of specialization.

  • University Lecturer

Another area that is rewarding is being a University Lecturer. If you have passion for teaching, pursue your studies past undergraduate level and seek teaching opportunities in universities and colleges in UAE.A lecturer in any university locally earns Dh 90,000 to Dh 200,000. Those with PhD are the highest paid lecturers around.

  • Financial Analyst/Investment Manager

Financial Analysts earn over Dh 70,000 per month as starting salary. They are attached to banks, insurance companies, mortgage firms, stock market institutions and government institutions. Those with Chartered Financial Analyst–CFA qualifications are the best renumerated.CFA has three levels which a student must pass for them to be certified.

  • IT Managers

IT Managers keep databases, develop software and develop a wide range of IT solutions to companies. Those working as IT Managers are paid upwards of Dh 70,000 per month. Managers are often individuals with more than 5 years’ of professional experience.

  • Public Relation Managers

Public Relations Managers ensure the image of a company is clean. Their role also goes beyond image to marketing. When the image of a company is tainted, it’s hard to compete with other companies in the industry. The best way to keep the image clean is to hire a PR Manager. Nearly 95% of PR Managers in UAE earn above Dh 100,000 per month.

  • Human Resources Managers

HR Managers are responsible for hiring and firing workers. A visionary HR Manager will assemble a team that will drive the agenda of an institution. They are well paid so as to deliver good results.

HR Managers earn in excess of Dh 80,000 per month. Those working with giant corporations can end up with over Dh 400,000 per month.

This should be enough reason to not be in doubt to take up a masters in HR management