Highest paying careers and jobs in Pakistan



In Pakistan you have to study the right career if you want to earn the best salary. Looking at several careers in our country, only 15 of them pay at least 150 PKR per month, which are considered the highest paying careers.

Salary is not the only parameter to measure the strength of your careers: you have to consider facts like job security and career growth. Based on that, the following are the best paying jobs in Pakistan.

Telecommunications Manager

This is an individual who works with telecom companies. He has pursued electrical and telecommunication engineering, and possess more than 3 years of professional experience.

In Pakistan, this particular professional takes home 190,000-250,000 PKR.

This salary is huge because of the critical role the employer plays in telecom industry.

Financial Analyst

Financial Analyst is a professional who works in the investment industry, banking sector, insurance companies as well as stock market.

This is a rare profession, and less than 1,000 Pakistanis are qualified to do this job.

Due to scarcity of this skills, the salaries of Financial Analysts in Pakistan are very good. Figures show the average starting salary of a financial Analyst is 100,000PKR.

In order to qualify as a Financial Analyst, you have to pursue Chartered Financial Analysts professional certification.

Legal Service Manager

A degree in law will land you here, where money flows. Legal Service Manager is an individual who represents a company or an individual in court when legal cases arise. They are also important during the time of signing important documents like land transactions and divorce cases.

A Legal manager in Pakistan earns not less than 175,000 PKR.

A fresh law graduate earns upwards of 100,000 PKR while those with private firms take home in excess of 500,000PKR monthly.

Aviation Manager/Pilot

Aviation industry is one of the highest paying sectors in Pakistan. Aviation Manager, who is responsible for overseeing the operations at the airport earns average monthly salary of 500,000PKR.

A pilot, who is ranked slightly below the manager earns 350,000PKR per month.

But qualifying as a pilot in Pakistan is not easy. You have to spend good amount of money on training and invest a lot of time in internships.

Construction Project Engineer

A project engineer working in the construction industry is a happy person because the industry is booming. Since there is a lot of money in the sector, most companies can afford to pay construction engineer up to 180,000PKR.

In this sector, the more experience you accumulate the better.

Degree courses required to secure the job include real estate, architecture, structural engineering, quantity survey and project management.

Software Engineer

Software engineer works for IT firms, telecom companies and the government. This course is the best in the modern world, and it will grow to significant levels since the world is adopting technology.

If you are good in programming and software development, big companies will pick you and pay you more than 200,000PKTR per month.

To be a software engineer, you need a degree in software engineering, computer engineering, computer science or IT, but you should specialize in the software part because that is where there is money.

Accountant with ACCA qualification

Accountant is entrusted with the finances of institutions. In Pakistan, these people earn good money especially when they accumulated some professional experience.

Figures show an accountant with at least 3 years professional experience earns at least 100,000PKR.But before you are subjected to high pay, you have to possess accounting qualification like ACCA or CFA.On top of that you should be proficient in accounting packages like Quick books and Pastel.

Entry positions for accountants in Pakistan pays at least 25,000PKR.


Doctors in Pakistan earn an average salary of 160,000PKR, which comes after more than 2 years professional experience.

This country has a shortage of doctors. That’s why the government and private hospitals spend more to retain them. This has, however, not solved the matter because many of them travel to Europe to earn even more.

To be a doctor, you need at least 5 years of training in a top university.

Mechanical engineers

If you are lucky to secure employment in motor industry, oil and gas companies and multinationals, then as a mechanical engineer you will pocket monthly salary of not less than 150,000PKR.


Actuarial science is a rare career in Pakistan, but there are financial institutions in need of their skills. If you manage to pursue actuarial science in college and top up with actuarial professional courses, then your salary should be upwards of 250,000PKR per month. But you should be aware that the professional courses are not easy.

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager should earn more than three quarter of employees in any organization. Since without this person, the company will experience losses, he is paid extremely well.

Companies across Pakistan pay marketing managers at least 100,000PKR.But what is demoralizing about this profession is that before you reach that level, you’ll have to earn peanuts. So many sales and marketing staff in various organizations earn less than 15,000PKR

Security and Forensic Expert

Security experts in Pakistan are few, but those working especially with the government earn extremely well.

Looking at the figures, the average salary of a security expert is 125,000PKR.Senior experts earn even more than 250,000PKR.

Air Traffic Controller

Just like Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers are well renumerated. At the very least, these people earn 90,000PKR per month, and if they are experienced enough, over 200,000PKR will be the least.