Oil and gas engineering salaries in Kenya.is it marketable? What is the salary?



Oil and gas engineering is a new degree course in Kenya,which is marketable compared to many courses.

The course is offered at the University of Nairobi and Mount Kenya University. And the number of graduates is not as high as those from BCOM and other business courses.

The primary reason why oil and gas engineering course was introduced in Kenya is because of the oil exploration activities in North Eastern,which require specialists.Already,the companies involved in exploration have recruited several graduates from this course.

To provide some light,graduates are employed in the following companies:

Tullow Oil

Kenya Power


National Oil Corporation

Ministry of Energy

Geothermal Development Company

Energy Regulatory Authority

Kenol Kobil


Knowing that there are companies that absorb these graduates gives individuals hopes of enrolling for the course.

Having looked at the salaries earned by oil and gas engineers, we can reveal that the starting salary at Kenya Power is Ksh 153,000 while KenGen pays Ksh 140,000-Ksh 180,000.

In Tallow Oil, you will earn depending on the university you attended. If you attended a Kenyan university, the basic starting salary is Ksh 180,000-Ksh250, 000 while those who graduate from U.S.A or UK earn upwards of Ksh 250,000


  1. I appreciate the effort Kenya is putting to see that it improves it’s economy and financial status also the well being of the citizen by offering them employment.
    I will like to join one of this companies and serve my country.

  2. Iam eagerly interested with this course of geoscience due to positive attitudes I develop since I was in primary level up to now .

  3. I really want to fulfill my dream working in this engineering field. I have that passion and it has been a calling.