How Bet9ja Jackpot Bonuses are awarded


Below is how Bet9ja jackpot bonuses are awarded to winners:

·  The following prizes will be awarded:

  1. Jackpot: The Jackpot prize is 10,000,000 Naira unless otherwise specified. This prize is awarded to the player who correctly predicts the scores in ALL 6 Super9ja matches in a relevant week. If there are two or more players who have correctly predicted the score of all 6 Super9ja matches, the Jackpot Competition prize will be split equally amongst those players.
  2. Consolation Weekly Prizes: Subject to below, the total consolation prize for each Super9ja Promotion week is 265,000 Naira (unless otherwise specified). This weekly prize will be split among the 20 players (other than any winner of the Jackpot Competition) who score the highest number of points during a Super9ja round, as shown on the Leaderboard. The weekly consolation prize pool is divided as follows:
    100,000 Naira to the 1st classified,
    50,000 Naira to the 2nd classified,
    30,000 Naira to the 3rd classified,
    20,000 Naira to the 4th classified,
    15,000 Naira to the 5th classified,
    7,500 Naira to the 6th-10th classified,
    2,000 Naira to the 11th – 15th classified,
    500 Naira to the 16th – 20th classified,

    Note: Players who win the Jackpot count as classified in the weekly Leaderboard, therefore the number of consolation prizes for the relevant week will be reduced accordingly. Ex. If the Jackpot prize is awarded, the number of consolation prizes on the relevant week will be reduced.Please note if there are a number of entrants tied in a prize winning position on the same amount of total points and total goals in this instance, the top 20 is selected based on which entrants placed their bets first. Prizes will never be given out to more than 20 people based on these criteria

    At least one Super9ja fixture must be completed during the relevant round in order for the 265,000 guaranteed weekly prizes to be awarded. If two or more players have predicted the same number of correct scores, the number of correct results will count towards the consolation prize. If two or more players have the same number of points after calculating correct scores and correct results the player whose Total Goals prediction is closest to the actual number of total goals score in the Super9ja matches will be the winner. If two or more players make Total Goals predictions equally close to the number of Total Goals occurred, the weekly prize will be split equally amongst those players.

·  Additional Bonus Prizes: Additional prizes and/or special prizes may be introduced during the Promotion at the discretion of Bet9ja. These will be in addition to the prizes outlined above and may include non-cash prizes. In the event that additional prizes are introduced, the Bet9ja will publish and notify players of any additional terms and conditions as may be applicable.

·  Non-cash prizes:There is no cash alternative to the non-cash prizes and unless agreed otherwise in writing the prizes are non-refundable and non-transferable. Bet9ja reserves the right to substitute the prizes (or any part of them) for a prize of equivalent or greater monetary value if this is necessary for reasons beyond its control. Bet9ja will not be liable for prizes that do not reach the winners for reasons beyond its reasonable control.

·  Match scores used are as published by regulatory bodies. This data will be used to determine winners of all prizes. Any goals scored in injury time count towards the determination to the final score.

·  If any Super9ja match is postponed, abandoned or not completed (where less than 90 minutes have been played) the match will be considered void.
If only 5 Super9ja matches are completed during any week the 10,000,000 Naira Jackpot Competition prize available for that week will be reduced to 1,000,000.
If less than 5 Super9ja fixtures are completed during any round, Bet9ja reserves the right to edit the prize fund at its own discretion.
At least one Super9ja fixture must be completed in order for the Weekly Competition Prize to be awarded.