How I Managed to earn $100,000 Per month as an Actuary in USA



I think I am one of the highest paid actuaries in the world and highest paid actuary in USA. I work for a mortgage company and as a consult for an insurance company in USA.This is how I managed to earn this amount.

My background is actuarial science, which I pursued at Arizona State University. This was between 2005 and 2009.After completing my degree course in Actuarial Science, I enrolled for a professional certification. But before I took the step my lecturer advised me to study for a masters degree in the same course but I declined. The only wise advice came from a friend at JP Morgan Chase & Co, who encouraged me to enroll for actuarial science certification.

After figuring out about my future, I ended up paying for actuarial papers at the Society Of Actuaries(SOA).The journey started in 2010 and it would later conclude in 2014 after rackling all the hard papers.

In 2010 I was awarded fellowship status and at this time I was only working as a junior employee of a real estate company in California. Immediately I completed the professional certification, I applied for 5 jobs, and I was invited for interview by all the companies.

Two weeks later, I was called to start work in three of the five companies I did interview with. I declined two and took one with the best offer. My starting salary was $ 35 per hour. My stay at the company didn’t last long as I received a call from a mortgage company in California. In the call, they inquired whether I was ready to take up their offer, which was at $55 per hour. I jumped into the offer-it seemed attractive.

My new employer gave me the title of an Actuary, which I readily embraced. My roles were to come up with ideal interest rates, design pension scheme and annuity models and come up with models to minimize risks and maximize returns.

Two years down the line, I managed to earn a salary increment of 100 %.this was after I helped the company turn around its misfortunes. In the same period, I managed to secure consultancy at a pension/insurance company where I earn extra $100 per hour. In total, I manage to make over $200 per hour.

Right now I manage a team of 20 junior employees and I am one of the managers in my company.