How Much Can a Blog with 50,000 visitors Make


A blog with 50,000 visitors make $70 to $1000 depending on a niche and how the owner monetizes the traffic. For AdSense, such amount of traffic will generate $70 to $200 but for affiliate marketing, the income can go as high as $500.

  • Amount of money to earn from AdSense

Assuming that all your traffic is from the US, you expect to earn upwards of $100 from 50,000 visitors. Here is how to earn the money:

You know, AdSense pays 68% of the total income they receive through your traffic. On average, each click will generate $0.30. For every 1,000 visitors, you’ll receive 20 clicks, meaning that 1,000 visitors will generate $6, implying that 10,000 visitors will generate $60.If your blog receives 50,000 visitors, you’ll earn $300 from AdSense in USA.

But to earn even more money, make sure that high percentage of traffic is organic. You should also focus on the high paying niches like pets, web hosting, health, banking, real estate and mortgage.

  • Affiliate marketing

With a niche blog, you can even earn $10,000 from 50,000 visitors. But for one to earn decent income through affiliate marketing, over 60% of the traffic must come from organic searches.

If you start marketing Bluehost and you get 50,000 visitors, expect to earn over $1,000 from the signups. Those getting 1 million visitors earn $10,000 to $50,000 from the program. Bluehost pays $65 to $120 per signup. For every 1000 visitors from organic searches, you are likely to get 1 signup, meaning that 10,000 visitors will generate $650 to $1,200

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 Bloggers also earn from sponsored content and direct banners; others sell products on their blogs.