How Much does a beginner blogger earn


The first one year is tough for beginner bloggers, they don’t know exactly what the future holds for them. Earnings at this time range between zero and $500 per month. It’s hard to get a beginner blogger earning over $1,000 in his first year of blogging—the average monthly income is $200 for the first year.

There was a time we were having brainstorming session with other bloggers. You know, as a blogger, I must have a couple of other bloggers I occasionally consult. We were ten of us and in the course of our discussion, each revealed what they earned during their first year of blogging. Only one of them earned past $1,000. Below is the average amount each of them earned:

  1. Blogger1—$15.33 per month
  2. Blogger 2—50.86 per month
  3. Blogger 3—$400.66 per month
  4. Blogger 4–$320.01 per month
  5. Blogger 5—$600.22 per month
  6. Blogger 6–$1,230 per month
  7. Blogger 7—$206.11 per month
  8. Blogger 8–$99.12 per month
  9. Blogger 9–$230.4 per month
  10. Blogger 10—$104.75 per month

With a new blog, AdSense is the only source of income. Bloggers love AdSense because it pays per click and per 1000 views—they don’t have to sell any product in order to earn. During the first year of blogging any content you share on Google rank lower than content from authority sites. This implies that organic traffic will be low. Having low organic directly affect income from AdSense.

From my own experience, the average amount of traffic for an ambitious blog is 50,000 to 100,000 visitors per month for the first year—this only generates below $200 in revenue.

If you are planning to start blogging, bear in mind that you’ll be earning between $0 and $500 per month for the first one year. Unless you put extra efforts, you’ll see your earnings stuck within that range.

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After creating a blog, apply for AdSense to monetize your traffic. Post at least 3 high quality articles per day in order to witness income trickling in.