How to Recover Your Stolen Goods from Thieves in Kenya,Use This Simple Technique


If your items are stolen and you want to recover them quickly,there is one simple technique to use which is explained by Tabitha,a woman who lost electronics worth Ksh2 million in Nairobi’s Luthuli Avenue.

“I am Tabitha,one of the victims of house breaking. In March this year I lost all my stock in my electronics shop. My stock was worth Ksh2 million.My shop is installed with CCTV,there are also security officers manning the shops along Luthuli avenue. I actually don’t know how thieves broke into my shop.

As usual, when I arrive at my shop,I have to check whether everything is okay before I settle on my desk to attend to my customers. But that day as I was arriving, I saw a crowd gathered outside my shop,some shaking their heads in disbelieve.Njoroge,who owns an adjacent shop shouted in shock,”Pole Tabitha,huyu ni mtu anakujua alichukua hizi”.Moving closer,I realized that the front door was wide open. My body immediately reacted by starting to sweat.I couldn’t even move an inch from the front door as I cried uncontrollably.

After about 20 minutes of shock, I composed myself and entered the shop—it was empty, very empty. The thieves had even stolen the shelves. I immediately told my husband to come with police to record a crime.

By 10 am, investigations started but we couldn’t establish any leads. The funny thing is that even after engaging the police, nothing positive came out. We inquired from them on daily basis only to be disappointed that the police weren’t in a hurry to find the culprits.

One morning as I was narrating the story to one of my neighbours,she gave me a hint on how to recover the items. Her cows were stolen in 2018 and she recovered them after using the services of a traditional herbalist.She gave me the details of Dr Kiwanga.The details were as follows(I have never deleted them up to now)

Phone number +254769404965  

email address::kiwangadoctors

I immediately called Dr Kiwanga on +254769404965 who asked me direction to my shop. The following day he came carrying a guard, feathers,an old torch,a goat leg .some liquid in a jug and several other items. He came and sprayed the shop with some concoction and invoked the name of spirits.He then told me to cross over some items in a guard. After about 30 minutes,he told me to go home.

After about 6 days, I got a distress call,it was from Njeri,a shop owner at Luthuli Avenue. She was crying in pain that she has not been going to the toilet for 5 days and that she dreamt that I am killing her.At around 11 am that day, another call came from Ras,a friend of mine who owns a boda boda.He was also in pain, he cried that his stomach is big .They both confessed that they stole items from my shop and that they are ready to return as long as I set them free.”Mimi aki niko ready kupeana chochote ili unisamehe”,Njeri cried.I was shocked,I had never imagined that such innocent faces could do what they did to me.

I immediately called my brother and husband to go and get instructions from Njeri on how to recover the items.Kumbe this lady had already mixed my stock with hers—even the new Samsung TVs I had bought were counted as her stock.

Since she had sold some of the items,she opted to give me Ksh1.2 million and the unsold items.

After getting satisfied with what Njeri had done,I called Dr Kiwanga to do something so that Njeri can be free.I learnt a lesson from there that a thief is someone you know.

If you want to protect your business from thieves,you can contact Dr Kiwanga for help.His number is +254769404965   .Alternatively,visit their website for details.