Is Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery a good Degree Program to Study in UK?



“I am Lisa and I wish to ask this burning question. I am through with my high school education and planning to pursue a degree course in UK, but I don’t know which program best suits my career aspirations. I am planning to pursue Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery but I am not sure whether it’s a good course. Please advise?”


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I would like to congratulate you for thinking about this wonderful program. I know you don’t wish to have difficulties in terms of salaries and employment after pursuing your program. The very reason why we answer you based on the marketability of Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery.

To begin with, the first thing to consider when selecting a career is salary expectations. The second one is how fast you will secure employment and the last one is your passion. Since your passion is to become a medical doctor, we highly encourage you to join the profession…we know you will succeed.

The second thing we shall touch is salary. A medical doctor’s annual median pay in UK is £22,636 for trainees. Specialist doctors earn between £30,002 and £47,175.The most experienced doctors pocket at least £69,325.

As you know, most employees in other professions earn less than £30, 002, which is the lowest possible salary a medical doctor earns in UK.

Well. Knowing vividly that you will earn more than 80 % of employees in other professions is an excitement for a person who is planning to join medical profession.

In terms of employment opportunities, I will say there is no career in UK that beats Medicine in terms of job opportunities…they are numerous.

Andrew, who graduated with a degree in Medicine also responded:

“I am a proud doctor and I wish to encourage Lisa to join us. This is my second year in the profession and my current salary is £33,200.I am one of the happiest people in UK because my job has  99.9% satisfaction in terms of salary and the way people appreciate my services, I feel proud to save humanity.

If you have passion please join us



  1. Comment: I want to study medicine and surgery. My aim is to be a neurosurgeon at Kenya. can that cause lead me there?