Is Actuarial Science a Good Degree Program To Study in UK



“My Name is David. I am planning to enroll for a degree program in Actuarial Science and I believe here in UK,this course will fulfill my ambitions. I wish to know if I am making a terrible career blunder”


Actuarial Science is one of the best degree programs in UK and graduates of this course are among the best paying careers in the world. First I will show you why you need to stick to this career path. To begin with, I will analyze facts about Actuarial Science salaries, then about your duties and finally how the market will receive you after graduation.

Actuarial Science requires five years of study, there after you enroll for Actuarial professional papers. These papers may take more than the time you take to complete your degree. In UK, without actuarial professional certification, you won’t be recognized as an Actuary, you have to pursue at least 5 papers.

It takes approximately 4 years to complete a degree course and another 3 years, or so to be a certified Actuary. The papers are tough and the course content is involving, which is why we encourage only those with superior mathematics background to pursue Actuarial Science.

After you have completed your course work, you will join actuarial firms, stock brokers, investment companies, insurance firms or audit firms as an Actuary. At this point, these companies need you more than you need them…in short, you are hotcake.

The average starting salary of an Actuary in UK is between £45,000.This pay is strictly for junior actuaries, those professionals who have stayed in the industry for at most 2 years.

An experienced Actuary in UK earns between £70,000 and £110, 000, which is more than what 86 % of professionals in UK earn.

Now you can see that in terms of pay, Actuaries are tops.

When it comes to job market and employment opportunities: it is almost impossible to find a professional actuary jobless—jobs for these individuals are numerous.

To conclude, I would like to encourage you to pursue the program, it’s very marketable.