Kuwait National Petroleum Company Management Team Profiles



Kuwait National Petroleum Company is one of the biggest oil companies in Kuwait. The management team comprises of.

Manager Name Designation
Tareq Yousef Ibrahim Al-Houti Manager, Corporate Legal
Ahmed Alsayed Al-Tabtabai Manager, Commercial
Muntuser Sulaiman Eshaq Manager, Finance
Ahed Abdulla S. Al-Khurayif Manager, Human Resources
Abdullah Mohammad Awwad Al-Ajmi Manager, Risk Management
Abdulrahman Abdulaziz Al-Olayan Manager, Training & Career Development
Khaled Ali Essa Al-Khayyat Manager, Corporate Planning
Adnan Majed Jassem Bouresly Manager, Local Marketing
Ousama Habib Y Shammas Manager, Management Support
Walid Adeeb Jameel Al Ghawas Manager, Manufacturing Optimization Group
Hashim Ez Al-Deen Al-Refaie Manager, Clean Fuels Project
Khaled Anwar Mohamed Al-Awadhi Manager, Al-Zour Refinery Project
Faleh Hasan A Al-Harbi Manager, Projects I
Khalil Esmaeil M. H. Esmaeil Manager, Projects II
Shujaa Salem Al-Ajmi Manager, Operation – Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery
Tareq Yousef Ibrahem Al-Saifan Manager, Maintenance – Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery
Mohammad Naser Al Ajmi Manager, Gas Operations – Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery
Sulaiman Sultan Mohammad Manager, Quality Assurance – Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery
Wadha Ahmad Mohd Alkhateeb Manager, Technical Services – Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery
Mohammad Mansoor Hamad Al-Ajmi Manager, Maintenance – Mina Abdullah Refinery
Salah Al-Khayyat Manager, Operations – Mina Abdullah Refinery
Samir Kazem S. Al-Ali Manager, Quality Assurance – Mina Abdullah Refinery
Suad A/Wahed A/R Al-Radwan Manager, Research and Technology
Nadia Bader Hajji Yousef Manager, Technical Services – Mina Abdullah Refinery
Mohd Saud A. Al-Shammari Manager, Engineering and Maintenance – Shuaiba Refinery
Waleed Yagoub A. Al-Beaijan Manager, Operation – Shuaiba Refinery
Abdulhakeem Ibrahim M. M. Esmail Manager, LNG Import Project
Farhan Sari A. H. Al-Enezi Manager, Technical Services – Shuaiba Refinery
Kholoud Saad Al-Mutaairi Manager, Corporate Communication
Saleh Saad S Z Alrakhayes Manager, General Services
Ali Ahmed Kshawe Manager, Health Safety & Environment
Abdulaziz Ahmed Al-Duaij Manager, Information Technology
Fayez Bander Al-Mutairi Manager, Security and Fire
Ali M. Al-Ajmi Manager, Commisioning Coordination CFP
Abdullah Hendi Al-Ajmi Manager, Al-Zour Refinery Management