Actuarial Science in Tanzania, is it a good degree course?



Actuarial science is one of the newest degree courses in Tanzania. The course is highly marketable and one of the best degree programmes in the world.

In Tanzania, not many people know what the course entails. To give some light, a student covers probability, statistics, finance, risk management, and economics, areas that are relevant in insurance, banking and audit firms.

To be an actuary is not easy since the course is classified as one of the hardest degree courses in Tanzania, but if you are good in mathematics and sciences, this is the course to pursue.

I know you are wondering where you will get a job. Well, you have several choices, it’s you to choose which one suites you. One of the best places to seek employment is insurance companies. All insurance companies are in need of services from actuaries, but unfortunately they source the services from Kenya and other areas where the profession has taken root.

You can also apply your skills in research firms as a data analyst. Besides, you can be a financial analyst, investment analyst, accountant or at least be an actuary.

In terms of salaries, actuaries in Tanzania earn even more than Tsh 10 million, which is a pipe dream for many professionals.

Finally, I would encourage you to pursue the course if indeed you want to be successful. It is offered at the University of Dar es Salaam