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About Hatua Network
Hatua Network is a community organization working to simultaneously address the needs of youth and employers, thereby strengthening the supply and demand sides of Mombasa’s employment market. They offer transformative programs and support to over 500 youth promoting youth education and employment.

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About the Communications Officer Role
To meet Hatua’s ambitious and exciting growth goals, they have created a new full-time communications role in their small, dynamic and growing fundraising & communications team focused on showcasing Hatua’s work and impact, cultivating interest and support, strengthening their relationships with existing partners and building relationships with new donors. The Communications Officer will position Hatua’s programs to donors and the general public in ways that resonate with their passion to create impact and stir them to take action.

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About the University and Career Guidance Coordinator Role
The University Career Guidance Coordinator will drive a wide range of programmatic activities and learning opportunities for over 200 university students. These opportunities, coupled with the Hatua scholarship ensure that our students gain relevant exposure, clarity around their career interests and CV building experiences while still in school.

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About the Employer Partnerships and Alumni Coordinator Role
Hatua provides access to education, but believes completing a university degree doesn’t always guarantee that students successfully transition into the workplace. The Employer Partnerships and Alumni Coordinator will support university graduates in securing employment opportunities by cultivating relationships with employers and overseeing career coaching activities for alumni.

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