List of Best Business To Do With Small Capital in Uganda


There are several businesses to do in Uganda and become very successful. But you don’t have to start with huge capital, only a small amount of money. With just UGX 100, 000, you’ll be able to come up with a profitable business.

Here is a list of the best businesses to start in Uganda with small capital:

  • Blogging

Blogging is hot cake business in Uganda. This is one business which is ideal for individuals who are below 30 years of age. The business require a capital of about UGX 300,000.To get started, you register a domain name and get hosting space from Bluehost.Domain registration is free,click here to register your comain

Most bloggers earn money through AdSense. In Uganda, you will earn over UGX 1 million every month from a blog that gets at least 1 million views per month.

  • Grocery shop

You can start a grocery shop to sell vegetables and fruits. You don’t have to get a room for the business, just beside the road and you are good to go.

  • Betting on football matches

Another good business to do especially online is to bet on football matches. Even a capital of UGX1000 is enough to start betting. You can make more than UGX 100,000 daily if you are accurate in analyzing the matches. One site you should register with and get 100% welcome bonus is 22Bet.To register for free,click on this link

After registering, deposit some money into the account and get 100% welcome bonus.

  • Salon

Salon business is booming in Uganda because every woman spends at least ones in a month on salon. The good thing is that you don’t need a lot of money to start one. The cost of starting a salon is below UGX 2 million. On daily basis, you’ll make more than UGX 50,000.

  • Roasting maize on at the streets

If you are living in Kampala or any other major city, start roasting maize along the streets. I am sure capital won’t be an issue because starting the business is almost at no cost.

  • Selling second hand clothes

More than 70% of Ugandans wear second hand clothes. These clothes are imported from Dubai, UK, Germany, Turkey and other countries and sold cheaply in Uganda. This is business you can also start and become a millionaire. With even UGX 500, 000, you can start selling second hand clothes in Uganda

  • Bodaboda business

Another best small business to start in Uganda is operating bodaboda.Buying one can be achieved through a loan. There are some companies which accept payment in installments.

Bodaboda in Uganda make between UGX 10,000 and UGX 100,000 per day.

  • Hawking goods in Kampala

You can also start the business of hawking goods along the streets of Kampala. The cost of starting this business is as low as UGX 20,000.You don’t need a license to start hawking goods in the streets.

  • Small restaurant

Start a small restaurant to sell basic food especially in Kampala. The restaurant can have a sitting capacity of even 4 people. Expand later when you have enough money to operate a big restaurant.

  • Run a YouTube channel

Many Ugandans are not aware that YouTube pays handsomely. To join the channel is free but you can earn even UGX10 million every month if your channel attracts high number of views.

YouTubers in Uganda generate money through AdSense.

  • Start printing and photocopying business

Another good business to start especially near a school involves printing, scanning and photocopying. Students and teachers will be using your services regularly.

  • Pharmaceutical Shop

If you want to become rich quickly, start a pharmaceutical shop. People get sick daily, most of them don’t have to go to hospitals; they get drugs from nearby pharmacies. If you can manage to get a license from the government, go ahead to start a chemist. Capital required is in the neighbourhood of UGX 3 million.

  • Playstation business

Another business to start is PlayStation. Nowadays so many people are playing these games especially in Kampala. The beauty of this business is that it’s not crowded.

  • Cosmetics shop

You can’t go wrong with women products. A cosmetics shop will always generate profits because the products take time to expire. A capital of UGX 1 million is needed.Profifts per day range between UGX40, 000 and UGX200,000.

  • Boutique shop

Boutique shop is ideal for those selling clothes to high end customers. There are also a number of middle class people buying the clothes. Don’t sell clothes only, incorporate shoes and belts for me.

  • Cereals business

In most towns people buy cereals from shops. I like this business because the profits are almost double the buying price. You need a capital of as low as UGX100,000 to start cereal business.

  • Selling bottled water

There is a growing number of people preferring bottled water over water fetched from rivers and taps. This business is not crowded here in Kampala. If you are serious on making profits, don’t hesitate to run this business.

  • Wines & Spirits shop

A lot of people take alcohol in Uganda. This business is not a try and error one because the customers are always there. Look for a strategic place to set it up and stock the most demanded brands. Capital can go as high as UGX5 million.

  • Farming

Farming is also another small but profitable business, that’s if your land isn’t huge. You can even start planting food crops with a capital of UGX10, 000.

  • Barber Shop

Barber shops are many in Uganda but customers are many also. You can start with an ordinary barber shop and upgrade later when you get more capital.

  • Rearing chicken

Broilers take less than 6 weeks to mature. This is business you can start in Uganda and make a lot of money. You can even start with 10 broilers and increase the number with time.

  • Car wash business

Every town needs a car wash and it’s to your advantage if you set one in major towns. A car was is not necessarily a complicated structure—only water is needed. Car wash business does not register any losses.

  • Mobile money transfer business

You can also start agent shop to facilitate transaction of money through mobile. You’ll be earning commissions.

  • Affiliate marketing business

If you own a blog, start marketing products for companies and earn commissions. Jubilee Web Hosting and Betway are some of the companies you can promote in Uganda and get paid.