List of NGOs in Nigeria


There are over 2,000 registered NGOs in Nigeria.The list of all NGOs is as follows:


Abraham Adesanya Foundation

Abibimman Foundation

Abia North Industrial Development Initiative

Able Reading Group

Abuja Children and Youth International Association of Nigeria (ACYIAN)

Abuja Metro Junior Chamber

Academic Associate Peace Work

Academic Associates

Access Community Health and Development Organisation (ACHDO) – Formerly Mother and Child

Ace Development Initiatives

Achievers Development Centre

Achievers’ Multipurpose Cooperative Society


Action Aid Nigeria

Action for Nigeria Integrity and Protection Network


Acts Generation- Women Empowerment and Gender Equality (ACTS Generation-GBO)

Action Health Incorporated (AHI)


Addiction Reformation Commission International (ADRECOM)

Adolescent Health and Information Projects (AHIP)

Adonai Job Centre (Adonia Foundation)

Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)

Adventist Women’s Ministries

Advocacy Committee Against Hunger (ACAH)

Advocacy for Widows Empowerment Foundation (ADwef)

Afican Youths For Transparency (AYFS)

Africa Alert Foundation

African Center for Rural Development and Environment (ACERDEN)

African Health Project

Africa Alive Nigeria (AA!)

Africa Hope Alive Initiative

African Initiative for Development Evaluation

Africa Millennium Global Care

Africa Youths International Development Foundation

Africal Alive Nigeria (AAN)

African Association of Health/Disease

African Centre for Democratic Governance

African Centre for Development Research

African Childhood Care Network

African Children Broadcasting Network (ACBN)

African Children Renaissance Initiative

African Citizens Development Foundation (ACDF)

African Concern

African Development Foundation

African Development Network (ADNET)

African Enterprises Foundation

African Foundation for Development of Infrastructure and Social Services in Rural Communities

African Foundation for Education & Development

African Foundation for Peace and Love Initiatives (AFPLI)

African Girls Empowerment (AGE)

African Harvest Mission

African Hope Organisation (AHO)

African Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS)

African kingdoms Travel Club

African Leadership Forum

African Leadership Foundation (ALF)

African leprosy Resettlement Trust Nigeria (ALERT-F)

African Liberation Support Campaign Network (ALISC-NETWORK)

African Network for the Prevention and Protection Against Child Abuse and Neglect Nigerian (ANPPCAN)

African Network for the Prevention, Protection Against Child Abuse and Neglect

Africa Middle East Progressive Initiative (AMEP-INITIATIVE)

African Refugee Foundation (AREF)

African Renaissance Foundation for Arts & Culture

African Strategic & Research Group (AFSTRAG)

African Underprivileged Children’s Foundation (AUCH)

African Women Cooperative Initiative

African Women Development Network

African Women Empowerment Guild (AWEG)

African Women Lawyers Association (AWLA) Nigeria

Africommunity Technology Development Center

Afro Center for Development, peace and Justice (AFRODEP)

Afro Foundation

Afro Global Care Foundation (AFCARE)

Agape Foundation for Literacy and Rural Development. (AFLARD)

Agape Women Aglow International

Agatha Obiageli Aghedo Memorial Foundation

Agbe-Loba CMS Ltd., Ado-Ekiti

AgeCare Foundation

Agency for Eradication of Street Begging Among the Disabled Youth(AFESBAD)

Agenda for Good Governance

Agent of Communication and Development

Agwagune Women Development Association

Angels Discovery Circles Initiative

AIDS African

AIDS Alliance in Nigeria

AIDS and Pregnancy Prevention for Adolescents (APPA-IAM Pregnant)

AIDS Awareness Society (AAS)

AIDS Care Managers

AIDS Must Go Group

AIDSLLINE International

AIESEC Nigeria

Air Transport Services Senior Staff Association

Ajegunle Community Partners for Health (AJCPH)

Ajegunle Community Project

AJ’s Playgroup Foundation

Ajoke Ayisat Afolabi Foundation

Akadis Medicare

Akassa Community Development Programme

Akpabuyo Bakassi Green Movement (ABGREMO)

Akwaalink Foundry Development, Research and Training Centre

Akwamfon Sustainable Community Association

Alcohol Prevention Youth Initiative

Alheri Women Multi-Purpose Development Association (ALCO)

Alliance for Community Health and Environment (ACHE)

Alliance for Rural Development of Nigeria (ARDN)

All-Nigeria United Nations Students and Youth Association(ANUNSA)

Ama Dialog Foundation (ADF)

Ameen Literacy Foundation (ALIF)

America Speaks

Amnesty International Nigeria

Amputee Association of Nigeria

Amsha Africa Foundation

Amukoko Community Partners for Health (AMCPH)

Arms of Comfort

Anambra State Women’s Association

Ane Osiobe International Foundation (AneOsiobe)

Anglican Communion Women’s Organisation

Anglican Diocesan Development Services (ADDS)

Anitah and Delights

Annabelles – We Care

Anpez Centre for Environment and Development

Anti AIDS Youth Club (AYC)

Anti Corruption & Fraud organisation of Nigeria

Anti-AIDS Society of Nigeria (AASON)

ANTI-Child Abuse Society of Africa (ACASA)

Aqumamu Lioness Club

Arikoserere Philanthropic Foundation (APF)

Arise Nigerian Woman Foundation

Asabe Shehu Yar’Adua Foundation

Aseke Obaro Global Organisation (MR)

Ashli Foundation for Education Healthcare Welfare and Social Justice (ASHLIF)

Associated Country Women of the World

Association for Adolescent Reproductive Health and Action (AARHA)

Association for Child Health (ACH)

Association for Community and Economic Development

Association for Community Development and Human Technology

Association for Democratic Citizens

Association for Grassroots Development (AGD)

Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH)

Association for Rural Development (ASRUDE)

Association for the Study of Childhood and Adolescence (ASCA)

Association for Women Improvement in the south South

Association for Youth Documentation and Information

Association of Black & Asian Women International (ABAWI)

Association of Concerned Other (ASCO)

Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (AGPMPN)

Association of Grassroots Counsellors on Dreaded Diseases

Association of Lady Pharmacist

Association of Nigeria (ACYIAN)

Association of Nigeria Market Women, Osun State Branch

Association of Nigeria Youth in Politics

Association of Professional Engineers

Association of Reproductive & Family Health

Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria

Association of United Patriots of Development (AUPD)

Association of Women Farmers of Nigeria

Association of Women Professional Financial Managers (AWPFM)

Atakpa Lions Club

Atlantic communication Systems

Awareness in Nigeria

Axum Insitute



Back to Self Rehabilitation Initiative (BTS)

Badawa Community Partners for Health

Balga United Women Association (BUWA)

Banaa (Mothers) Development Association

Bank to School Foundation (BSF)

Baobab for Women’s Human Rights (BWHR)

Beachland Feminine Club

Beacon of Hope Outreach Ministry

Bengore Association Ltd

Berahah Foundation

Best Foundation Community Child Education

Best Konsult (Operation Drug Alert)

Bethesda Home for the Blind (BHB)

Better Life Foundation

Better Life World Foundation

Better Living Foundation

Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu Foundation

Biakwan Light

Bina Foundation for People with Special Needs (BF)

Biographies Development Organization

Biire Child and Maternal Health Foundation

Blessing Simepriye Anyanwu Foundation (BSAFoundation)

Boabab for Women’s Human Rights (BOABAB)

Body Positive foundation


Boigedacha Literary Initiative (BDLI)

Bomarah Foundation

Borno Coalition for Democracy and Progress (BOCODEP)

Boy Scouts of Nigeria, Borno State Branch

Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria (BRECAN)

Breastfeeding Promotion and Counselling Group (BPCG)

Business and Professional Women Nigeria

Business Improvement Group Multi Purpose Cooperative Society Owerri


Calabar Doyen Lioness Club

Calvary Foundation International Inc. (CFI)

Campaign Against Polygamy & Women Oppression in Nigeria

Campaign Against Spread of AIDS (CASA 2000)

Campaign for Child Right (CFCR)

Campaign for Democracy (CD)

Cantoment Youth Development Association (CYDA)

Care and Action Research NGO(CARE NGO)

Care Call Foundation

Care Foundation for the Reforestation of Katsina State (CAREFOR)

Care for Life (CFL)

Care for Youth Future Initiative

Care Organization Public Enlightenment (COPE)


Cares International

Caring Hand Programme (CAHAP)

Catalyst for Global Peace and Justice Initiative (CPJ)

Catholic Development Services Diocese of Jalingo

Catholic Diocese of Lafia- Community Based Care and Support Project

Catholic Institute for Development, Justice and Peace (CIDJAP)

Catholic Provincial Health Department, Jos

Catholic Women Organisation CWO

CBD Forum



Charity Aid and Development Foundation for Africa (CADFA)

Chike International Foundation


Center for Advancement of Democracy and the rule of Law (CADRL)

Center for Citizens’ Emancipation and Empowerment (CCEE)

Center for Community Development (CENCOMDEV)

Center for Education on Population, AIDS and Drug Abuse (CEPADA)

Centre for Environmental Impact & Ethics (CEIE)

Center for Gender, Governance and Development (CEGGAD)

Center for Good Leadership Awareness & Orientation

Center for Health Science Training Research and Development International (CHESTRAD International)

Center for Human Development (CHD)

Center for Indigenous Knowledge, Environmental Research and Rural Development (CIKERD)

Center for Public Health and Research (CPH)

Center for Reproductive Health, Aromatherapy and Development (CEREHAD)

Center for Research in Reproductive Health (CRRH)

Central Age Group

Central Education Service (CES)

Central Educational Service

Centre for Advanced Social Studies

Centre for African Settlement Studies and Development (CASSAD)

Centre for African Studies, Adult-Education and Rural Development (CASAERD)

Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development (CARD)

Centre for Animal Rights Protection

Centre for Appropriate Technology for Rural Women

Centre for Civic Responsibilities (CCR)

Centre for Conflict Resolution and Peace Advocacy

Centre for Constitutional Governance (CCG)

Centre for Democracy & Development (CDD)

Centre for Democracy & Human Rights (CDHR)

Centre for Democratic Research & Training (CDRT)

Centre for Development and Civic Education (CECODEC)

Centre for Development and Conflict Management Studies (CEDCOMS)

Centre for Development and Health Promotion Activities (CEDHPA)

Centre for Development Communication (CDC)

Centre for Development Strategy

Centre for Development Support Initiatives (CEDSI)

Centre for Education and Management (CEMAD)

Centre for Education and Prevention of AIDS and Drug Abuse

Centre for Environmental Resources and Sustainable Ecosystems

Centre for Free Speech

Centre for Health & Developmnet in Africa

Centre for Health and Nutrition Promotion (CHANP)

Centre for Hope (C-HOPE)

Centre for Human Rights Research and Development

Centre for Justice, Democracy and Human Rights in Nigeria

Centre for Law Enforcement Education

Centre for life Resources

Centre for Non-Forms Education & Training

Centre for Organizational and Professional Ethics (COPE)

Centre for Preservation of Utilities and Environment (CPUE International)

Centre for Rehabilitation &Training (CERAT)

Centre for Reproductive Health and Rural Community Development

Centre for Research and Documentation (CRD)

Centre for Research Education & Development of Freedom of Expression & Associated Rights (CREDO)

Centre for Research, Evaluation Resources and Development (CRERD)

Centre for Responsive Politics

Centre for Research and Preventive Health Care

Centre for studies in Women’s Health

Centre for the Advancement of Democracy and the Rule of Law

Centre for the Promotion of Ethics and Transparency

Centre for the Right to Health (CRH)

Centre for the Victims of Extra-judical Killings and Torture (C-VEKT Africa)

Centre for Women Studies and Intervention (CWSI)

Centre for Youth Development

Centre for Youth Studies

Certified Institute of Development Studies (CIDS)

Cerebral Palsy Nigeria (CPAN)

Change a Life Foundation

ChangeMakers African Youth Empowerment Initiative (ChangeMakers Africa)

Change Managers International Network (CMI)

Charles Nwanamokwu Chiedu Development Foundation (CNCD FOUNDATION)

Charilove Foundation (CHARILOVE)

Chike International Foundation

Child Adolescent and Family Survival Organization (CAFSO)

Child Association of Nigeria (CAON)


Child Defence Foundation (CHIDEF)

Child Development Focus of Nigeria (CDFON)

Child Education Development Network (CEDNET)

Child Health Organization (CHO)

Child Help in Legal Defence of Rights to Education in Nigeria (CHILDREN)

Child Line Foundation

Child Resue and Survival Project (CREASUP)

Child Right Action Coalition (CRAC)

Child Rights Brigade, Nigeria (CRIB)

Child Rights Organization (CRO)

Child Rights Protection Initiative (CRPI)

Child to Child (Health Development Agency)

Child to Child Network

Child Trust Action (CTA)

Child-Missions-International (SOUL-MATE)

Children & the Environment

Children’s Development Centre

Children’s Hope Initiative (CHI) (For Children’s Better Tomorrow)

Child-to-Child Network (CCN)

Chinwe Bode-Akinwande Foundation (CBA-Foundation)

Chline Association for Health and Family Development (CAHFAD)

Christ Against Drug Abuse Ministry (CADAM)

Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Women’s Wing, Kaduna State Branch

Christian Care Foundation (CCF)

Christian Foundation for Social Justice and Equity (CFSJ&E)

Christianah Fate Foundation

Christian Health Association of Nigeria (CHAN)

Christian Link International Ministry (CLIM)

Christian Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (CPFN)

Christian Social Movement of Nigeria

Christian Youth Association of Nigeria

Christoffel Blinden Mission (CBM)

Christopher Kolade Foundation

Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN)

Chuuk Villagers Alliance

Circle for the Needy (CFN)



Citizens for Righteousness and Social Justice

Citizens Right and Empowerment Advocacy Initiative (CREMA Initiative)

Civic Education Foundation (CEFON)

Civil Liberty Organisation

Civil Resource Development and Documentation Center (CIRDDOC)

Civil Rights Concern

Civil Society Action Coalition of Education for All (CSACEFA)

Clean and Beautiful Atmosphere Initiative Incorporated (CABAI Inc)

Club 7000 of Nigeria

Concern for Elders Initiative

Commonwealth Women Organisation Nigeria

Committee for Advancement of Justice

Communal Circle of Nigeria

Communicating for Change

Communities Development Agency (CDA)

Community Action Against Drug Abuse (CAADA)

Community Action for integral Development

Community Action for Popular Participation

Community Child Education and Development (COMED)

Community Conservation and Development Initiatives (CCDI)

Community Development Foundation (CDF)

Community Development Partners (CODEP)

Community Empowerment & Development Association (CEDA)

Community Empowerment Partners For Peace And Health Initiative (CEPPHI)

Community Health Action and Mobilization Project

Community Health and Development Advisory Trust (COHDAT)

Community Health Education and Development in African (COHEDA)

Community Health Education and Development Initiative (CHEDI)

Community Health Information Education Forum (CHIEF)

Community Health Initiative Nigeria (CHI NIGERIA)

Community Law Center

Community Lift Project (CLP)

Community Partners for Development (CPD)

Community Rights Initiative

Community women credit Organisation (COWOC)

Community Women Progressive Association

Concerned Minds

Concerned Professionals

Concerned Professionals Conference Center

Concerns Organization

Concern for Elders Initiative (CEI)

Constitutional Rights Project (CRP)

Consulting Center for Constitutional Rights and justice

Cookey Environmental & Public Health Services (CEPHS)

Cooperative Development Research Action Centre (CODERAC)

Cooperative Federation of Nigeria


Corporate Mediators

Courageous People Health and Development Initiative (CPHDI)

Council for Ethnic Equality (CEEQUA)

Country Associates Network (CANET)

Country Women Association of Nigeria (COWAN)


Creative Actors Initiative for Development (CRAID)

Crime Victims Foundation

Cuban Foundation

CUREFO Reading Foundation


Daily Bread Organization (DBO) Nigeria

Dako Foundation for Rural HealthCare and Education (DFRHCE)

Daniel Ogechi Akujobi Memorial Foundation

Daughters of Divine Love Rehabilitation Home (DDLREHAB HOME)


Demah Healthcare Foundation (DHF)

Demand Project

Democratic Front for a People’s Federation (DFPF)

Democratic Youth League

Destitute Careers and Rehabilitation Center of Nigeria

Dewdrops Care Development Foundation

Development Alternatives and Resource Center (DARC)

Development Concerns (DC)

Development Education and Leadership Services Programme (DELES)

Development Education Center

Development Exchange Centre

Development Forum and Skills Acquisition Center

Development Information Network (DEVNET)

Development Initiative Network (DIN)

Development Initiatives (DEVIN)

Development Options for Humanity (DOH)

Development Policy Centre (DPC)

Development Report Magazine

Development Research Bureau (DRB)

Development Support Agencey

Diamond Lights Women Empowerment

Diaspora Africa Association & Services

Diocesan Development Services (DDS)

Disabilities Overcomers Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society (Disabilities Overcomers)

Disabled Women Empowerment Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society (DWEMPCOOPS)

Distress Care (Orphanage) Mission (DCM)

Divine Ambassadors’ Foundation (DIVA Foundation)

Divine Inspiration

Doctors for All Nations (DOFAN)

Dolly Children Foundation

Doma Education Development Foundation (DEDF)

Dove Generation International Youths Organisation

Dr Ona Ekhomu Educational foundation

Dreamboat Development Theatre Foundation (DREAMBOAT)

Dubass-Duke Foundation

Dugwaba Multi-purpose Cooperative Society Ltd



EarthRights Environmental Network Initiative

Ebifuro Organisation (EBORGAN)

EB-International Environment, Biodiversity and Tourism (EB-International)

Ebun Oluwa Foundation

Echekwu Damian Foundation

Economic and Social Empowerment of Rural Communities (ESERC)

Economic Empowerment and Development Initiative (EEDI)

Edda Women’s League Aikpo South LGA

Edo Sate NGOs Action Committee

Edo/Delta Nigeria AIDS Concern Network (ENACON)

Educare Trust

Educate Nigeria Initiative

Education As a Vaccine Against AIDS Inc. (EVAA)

Education For All by 2000 Plus (EFA)

Education For All Initiative

Educational Cooperation Society

Educational Empowerment Initiatives (EEI)

Educational promotions & Enlightenment Body


Ekine Socio – Economic Organisation (ESEO)

Ekuri Community Forestry Initiative


Elshaddai Life Support Initiative (ELSI)

El-Shaddai Widows’ Outreach (EL-WO)

Emerge Foundation Inc.

Emerging World Organisation

Emeron Foundation

Emmanuel World Children Foundation (EWCF)

Empowering Women for Excellence Initiative

Empowerment & Action Research Centre (EMPARC)

Emwai Centre for Political and Economic Research

Entertainment Lawyer

Environment and Tourism Support Initiative

Environment Rights Mandate

Environmental Damages Grassroots Enlightenment (EDGE)

Environmental Group of Onikan (EGO)

Environmental Protection and Management Club (EPMAC)

Environmental Research Development Organisation (ERDO)

Environmental Up-Building Club-Nigeria (EU Club-Nigeria)

Equip Africa

Equity Advocates

Eradicaids surveillance

Eruobodo House Society (EHS)

Esto perpectua Development Intitiative

Esuene foundation

Ethical Conduct Awareness Initiative

Ethnic Minority & Indigenous Rights Organisation of Africa (EMIROAF)

Etiti Ohazu Community Partners for health

Etsako Professional women Association

Eucharia Help Foundation

Evolve CareGiver Foundation

Exclusive Network for Youth Empowerment Initiative

Excellence and Friends (EXCEL)

Excellence Foundation International Incorporation

Extremely Positive About Change Initiative

Ezinne Christian Women Organisation, (ECWO)

Eziukwu 2 (Asaokpuaja) Community Partners for Health (CPH)



Faith Alive Foundation (FAITH ALIVE)

Fair Life Africa Foundation

Family Alive Network

Family Craft Centre (FCC)

Family Health and Population Action Committee (FAHPAC)

Family Health Organisation

Family Heritage Initiative

Family Unity for Sustainable Development Foundation (FUSDF)

Fantsuam Foundation

Farmers Development Union

FATE Foundation

Fate Foundation USA

FEAT Consultancy Ltd

Feet of Grace Foundation (FOGF)

Feed The Flock Of God Foundation

Federation International de Abogadas (FIDA)

Federation of Akwa Ibom Women Associations (FAIWA)

Federation of Business & Professional Women’s Club

Federation of Muslim Women Association of Nigeria

Federation of Muslim Women Association in Nigeria (FOMWAN)

Federation of Ogoni women Association

Fellowship of Christian Students/Aids for AIDS and Design for the Family Project (FCS/AFADFP)


Feminine Family and Foundation AID (F3AID)

Femope Foundation (Health Development an Management (FEMOPE)

Fem-suyi Center for Public Awareness and Development

Festus Fajemilo Foundation

Fire Disaster Prevention & Safety Awareness Organization of Nigeria

First Aid Group of Young Muslim Congress of Nig

Fobur East Women & Youth Development Initiative


Focus Health and Empowerment Initiative (FOHEI)


Food Basket Foundation International (FBFI)

Food Beverage and Tobacco Senior Staff Association

Food Education Shelter and Health Foundation

Food Security Forum

Forestry Association of Nigeria

Forum for rights Awareness and Citizenship Obligations of Nigeria (FRACON)

Forum on Governance and Democratization

Forward Africa (FOFA)

Foster Paradise Orphahage

Fota 5loaves 2Fishes Hunmantarian Outreach

Foundation for Disabled Women

Foundation for Empowerment and Socio-Economic Development

Foundation for Environment Development & Education in Nigeria (FEDEN)

Foundation for Health, Environment and Human Development (FHEHD)

Foundation for Human Development

Foundation for the Advancement of Women and the Girl-Child (FADWOG)

Foundation for Wealth and Mental Empowerment

Foundry Association of Nigeria (FAN)

Freky Andrew-Essien Care Foundation

Freedom Foundation International

Freedom Foundation

Freedom of Information Coalition (FOIC)

Friendly Environment and Human Development Foundation (FEHD) Foundation)

Friends In Need Empowerment

Friends of the Child in Nigeria (FOCIN)

Friends of the Disabled (FOTD)

Friends of The Environment (FOTE)

Friends of the Needy Organisation

Friends of Working and Street Children in Nigeria

Friendship Organisation for Humanity

Front-Line Health Organisation (FLHO)

FSH Empowerment Foundation

Future Hope of Africa



Gabasawa Women and Children



Gbadamosi Olayinka Light Foundation (GOLIF)

Gama Community Partners for Health

Gamaliel and Susan Onosode Foundation

Gamboku Women Development Association (GAWODA)

Gardening for Nutrition

Gas to Health Initiative

Gender Action Team (GAT)

Gender and Child Care Advancement Initiative (G-CCAI)

Gender and Development Action (GADA)

Gender Development in Nigeria

Gender Development Initiative

Gender Development Network

Gender Empowerment Network Through Literacy Exercises (GENTLE)

Gender Rights Project (GRP)

General Action Against the Violation of Human and Children Rights (GAAVOHCR)

Generation 2 Educational and Childcare support Programme

Generation Initiative for Women and Youth Network (GIWYN)

Genotype Foundation (GF)

Geriatric Health Foundation (GHF)

Girl Watch

Girls Education Mission International

Girls’ Initiative, Rights and Legal Society of Africa (GIRLS OF AFRICA)

Girls Power Initiative (GP)


Given Life Organisation

Gladstar Gifted and Talented Educational Centre

Glamour Ladies Club

Global African Congress

Global Alert for Defence of Youth and the Less Privileged (GADYLP)

Global Association for War Against AIDS (gawaa)

Global Centre for Peace and Justice

Global Community Health Foundation

Global Health and Awareness Research Foundation (GHARF)

Global Health Foundation (GHF)

Global Health Network

Global Help Trust Foundation

Global Helping Hands Initiation

Global Programme on AIDS

Global Rights

Global Youth Initiative

Glorious Child of Hope Foundation

God’s Gift Human Development Foundation

Gokana Stakeholders Forum

Good Citizen Community Care International Centre

Good Neighbour

Graceland Diabetes Foundation

Grasia Widows Foundation

Grassroot Agric Farm Union

Grassroot Empowerment Initiative (GREIN)

Grassroots Action and information Network (GAIN)

Grassroots Development and Empowerment Foundation

Grassroots Development Network

Grassroots Health Awareness Programme

Grassroots Health organisation of Nigeria (GHON)

Grassroots Health Organization of Nigeria

Grassroots Initiative Development Centre (GRIDEC)

Grassroots Resources Development Initiative (GRREDIN)

Grassroots Studies Network

Grassroots Women Foundation (GWF)

Grassroots Women Multipurpose Cooperative Society (GROWMCOS)

Great Lives Club (GLC)

Green Croc Foundationj (GCF)

Greenspring Development Initiative

Green Environment Movement

Green Ethics Initiative (GEI)

Green Globe Consults

Green Initiative of Nigerian (GION Environment)

Green life Foundation

Greeneur Farms

Group for the Advancement of Sustainable Rural Development (GASURD)

Growing Business Foundation (GBF)

Guidance and Counselling Development Association (GCDA)

Guildance Community Development Foundation

Gwale Community Partners for Health (GW-CPH)

Gworok Community Multi-Media Centre



Heamophilia Foundation of Nigeria (HFN)

Halt Aids Group (HAG)

Handicapped Children Projection League in Africa (HACHPLE Africa)

Hansa Health Trust (HHT)

Happy Home Foundation (HHF)

Hardwork Integrity and Patriotic Generation Youth Initiative

Hawkeye Peace Foundation

Hayyat Foundation (HYF)

Hazakruna Rahaman Society

Health Education and Empowerment Initiative (HEDEN)

Health and Enviromental Research Society (HERS)

Health and Peace International Africa (HAPI Africa)

Health and Sustainable Development Association of Nigeria (HESDAN)

Health Care Organization

Healthcare Essentials for the Disadvantaged Foundation (HCEDF)

Health Communication Network

Health Education and Environment Crusaders Incorporated (HEEC)

Health Initiatives for Safety and Stability in Africa

Health Matters Inc

Health Research and Adolescents Welfare Center (HRAWC)

Health Sustenance Action (ASH)

Health Watch Africa

Hearing Disabled Foundation

Heart spring Foundation

Heavens gate international Media Outreach

Helen Keller International

Help Abandoned Patients in Hospital Foundation (HAPHF)

Help Eliminate Loneliness and Poverty (HELP)

Helping Hands African Children Foundation (HHACF)

HelpGate Foundation for Youth Rehabilitation and Re-Integration (HelpGate Foundation)

Herocares Services

Hikima Women Forum (HWF)

Hikmah Foundation

HillCity Foundation

His Divine Touch Family Initiative (HDTFI)

HIV Support Group

HIV/AIDS Concern Group (HACG)

HIV/AIDS Support Programme

Home Economics Association of Nigeria, Sokoto State Branch

Home Makers Association

Honeybee Foundation

Hope Builders Skill Development and Acquisition Foundation

Hope For Development Initiative

Hope for Family Development Initiative

Hope for the Blind

Hope World Wide Nigeria

Hope-Aid Organisation

Hospital Friend’s Mission for The Sick

Human Development Foundation of Nigeria

Human Development Initiative

Human Rights & Development Education Center

Human Rights & Empowerment Project

Human Rights Africa

Human Rights Law Service (Hurilaws)

Human Rights Monitor

Human Rights Network (HURINET)

Human Rights Organization


Ibadan Junior Chamber

Ibadan Socio-Economic Group


Ifafunke Home of Hope-Africa Foundation (IHHAF)

Igara Women Ass for Dev

Igga Progressive Union

Independent Election Monitors

Independent Living for People with Disabilities

Information and Knowledge Application Centre

Innercity Mission for Children

Inner Wheel Club of Hill Top

Initiative for Anti Vices and Crime Campaign (INAVICC)

Initiative for Development, Education and Learning (IDEAL)

Initiative For Rural Areas Transformation

Initiative For Sound Education, Relationship & Health

Initiative for Sustaining Gender Empowerment (ISGEM)

Innovative Strategy for Human Development

Institute for Peace & Conflict Resolution

Institute for Poverty Eradication

Institute of Governance & Social Research

Integrated Strategies for Development


Integrity International

Inter Africa Committee

Inter-Faith Mediation Center

International Association for Volunteer Efforts

International Association of Criminal Justice Practitioners (IACJP)

International Association of Nigerian Studies & Development (IANSD)

International Centre for Arts

International Centre for Gender & Social Research (INTER-GENDER)

International Federation of Lawyers

International Federation of Women Lawyers

International Foundation for African Children

International Human Rights Law Group

International Inner Wheel

International Organization on World Affairs & Development

International Press Center (IPC) Media for Democracy (MFD)

International Press Centre

International Youth Reformation Organisation

Irene Fibroid Foundation (IFF)

Iron & Steel Senior Staff Association of Nigeria

Ishiagu Elites Initiative (ICC)

Islamic Youth League of Nigeria

Isokan Obirin

Isyaku Guda Memorial Initiatives for Community Development and Info-Tech (IGMICDI)

Iyalode Wuraola Esan Foundation (IWEF)


Jazz 38 Centre for Arts and Culture

Janet Akintuyi Memorial Foundation

Jakinminis International Company Ltd/Gte

Jennifer Micro Care Foundation

Jeyam Women Trust

Jimeno Foundation

Job Creation and Self Employment Initiative (JOCSIN)

Joseph and Eunice Oladaiye Foundation

Jotake Education Support


Jogamint Foundation Global Network (JFGN)

Jubilee 2000 Coalition

Junior Achievement Nigeria (JAN)

Justice Africa

Justice Development & Peace Commission (JDPC)


Kanuri Studies Association

Kathy Life Builder Foundation

Kechi Ihuoma Foundation

Kelagbodi Library

Keeping it Real Foundation

Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative (KMA)

Kevin Aduojo Foundation

Kike Ade Multiple Services


Kingdom Makers Foundation

Kingdom Seekers International Outreach Ministry

Kudirat Initiative for Democracy (KIND Nigeria)



Lady Chy New World Order Foundation

Labour Research & Development Network

Lagos Island Community Partners for Health

Lagos Transparency

Landmark Pressure Group International

Latobams Family health Project

Lawbreed Foundation

Lawyers Without Borders

Leaders with New Dimension

Leadership Gold Foundation

Leadership Watch

League of Human rights

League of Women Voters of Nigeria

LEAP Africa

Leed Youth Africa


Legal Mandate

Legal Resources Consortium

Legal Watch Organization

Less Privileged Children Encouragement Initiative

Life Changes Club International

Life Enhancement Organisation

Life impact Foundation International

Life Link Organisation

Life Preservers

Lifeseed Economic Empowerment and Poverty Reduction Initiative

Life Vanguards

Lifeline Initiative for Widows Empowerment and Economic Development (LIWEED)

Life-Skills Initiative for Youth Empowerment And Development

Lift Saxum Ltd/Gte (LIFT SAXUM)

Lift Up Care for the Needy Foundation

Lihona Economic Dev Foundation

Linking the Youth of Nigeria Through Exchange

Literacy Project

Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa (LIFA)

Living Waters Foundation

Living Word Mission (LIWORD Missions)

Love Alliance Foundation for Orphans, Disabled & Abandoned Persons In Nigeria (LAFODAP)

Local Initiatives for Environmental Sustainability

Launchout Foundation

Lred Anglophone West Africa

Luxuriant Pasture


Mac Getty Hope Foundation for Women Youth and Children (MGH)

Masig Global Initiatives (Masig)

Make Poverty History, Nigeria

Map Media Initiatives for Development

Margaret Musa Foundation for Awareness

Marian Adeleye Foundation

Marian-Hope Empowerment Initiative

Mashiah Foundation

Masoma Africa Foundation for the Arts


Max Reinhardt

Media Debate Initiative

Media Health Alliance

Media Rights Agenda

Medical Care Centre

Mental Health Advancement and Support Initiative (MEHASI)

Michael Adedotun Oke Foundation (MAOF)

Michael Imodu National Institute for Labour studies (MINILS) (Fed Min of Labour and Productivity)

Micheal and Cecilia Foundation

Millennium Initiatives Forum on Health and Social Matters

Millennuium Volunteers Foundation

MindAfrica Leadership Initiative

Mind Foundation

Miss Black World Company

Mission to Save Sight Africa Foundation



Moral Re-Armament Nigeria (MRA)

Moses Adekoyejo Majekodunmi Foundation

Moshood Abiola Vanguard for Democracy (MAVD)

Move for the Enlightenment & Empowerment of Young Women

Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People

MTN Foundation

Multiview Advocacy Network

Muslim/Christian Youth Dialogue Forum



Naija Politics

National Association for Peace Research & Human Rights

National Association of Democratic Lawyers (NADL)

National Association of Nigerian Traders (NANTS)

National Council of Women’s Societies, Lagos State

National Handicap Carers Association of Nigeria

National Society for Promotion of Literacy

National Youth Council of Nigeria

Ndidi Social Cub

Negotiation & Conflict Management Group (NCMG)

Neighbourhood Environment Watch (NEW) Foundation

Network for Women Widows & Children in Nigeria

Network of University Legal Aid Institutions (NULAI)

New Era Educational and Charitable Support Inititative

New Global Order Alternative (NGO-A)

New Hope Agency

New Hope Initiative

New Initiative for Social Development

NGO Coalition for Environment (NGOCE)

NGO Guide 2000

NGO World

Nig Association for Women’s Advancement

Niger Delta Peace Network Intitative

Niger Delta Women’s Forum

Niger Delta Women’s Movement for Peace and Development

Nigeria AIDS Action group

Nigeria Army Officers Wives Association

Nigeria Association for the Promotion of Adolescent Health & Development

Nigeria Association in Agriculture & Development

Nigeria Association of College of Medicine

Nigeria Association of Social Workers (NASOW)

Nigeria Association of University Women

Nigeria Association of Women Journalist (NAWOJ)

Nigeria Association of Women Journalists, Gombe

Nigeria Autistic Societies

Nigeria Biographical Foundation

Nigeria Book Foundation

Nigeria Conservation Foundation (NCF)

Nigeria Council for the Child

Nigeria Dream Organization

Nigeria Environment Network

Nigeria Environmental Study Action Team (NEST)

Nigeria HABITAT Coalition

Nigeria Institute of Advanced legal Studies

Nigeria Institute of Human Rights

Nigeria Junior Chamber

Nigeria Media Women Association

Nigeria NGO Consultative Forum

Nigeria Opportunities Industrialization Centre (OIC)

Nigeria Organization for Solidanity &Development

Nigeria Society for Environmental Management & Planning

Nigeria Society for the Improvement of Rural people

Nigeria Union of Journalist (NUJ)

Nigeria Women Empowerment Network

Nigeria Youth & Culture Org

Nigeria Youth AIDS Program

Nigeria Youth Working Group on Environment & Development

Nigerian Association of University Women

Nigerian Coalition on Electoral Fraud and Violence

Nigerian Draughts Federation

Nigerian Environment Study/Action Team

Nigerian Institute of Public Relations Lagos state chapter

Nigerian Integrated Rural Accelerated Development Organisation (NIRADO)

Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC)

Nigerian Medical Association (NMA)

Nigerian Renaissance Movement

Nigerian Students Coalition for True Democracy

Nigerian Youth Action Rangers

Nigerian Youth Association

Nigerian Youth Environmental Network

NINOS Children Foundation


Nka Uforo Iban Ibiakpan(MPCS)


O5 Center for Children

Obi/Akpor Patriotic League

Odua Peoples Congress

Ofunneka Youth Empowerment Trust Fund

Oghenekevwe Michael Sejebor Foundation (OMSF)

Ogoni Youth

Oil watch Africa

OjulogeARTs Leadership and Development Initiative (OLADI)

Olabisi Onabanjo University

Olumide Emmanuel Foundation

OMEP World Organisation for Early Childhood Education

Omni Medical

Omonijuku Foundation

Operation Happy Home

Organisation (ACHDO)-Formerly Mother and Child

Organization for the Advancement of African Women (ORGAAW)


Organisation for the Advancement of Humanity and Community Development (ORAHCODE)

Organization for the Dev of Sports & Youth

Organisation for Youth Empowerment and Societal Restructuring Initiative (OYESRI)

Ornaments of Grace and Virtue Initiative (OGAV)

Orthodox Welfare Association


PAF Media (African Films)

Pan African Agency for AIDS & Drug Abuse

Paradigm Initiative Nigeria


Parent Teachers Association of Nigeria

Parent’s Forum

Partners “Partennaire”

Partnership for Sustainable Development (PASDEV)

Paul Shola Toye Foundation (PSTFoundation)

Pauline and Wilson Foundation

Patriotic Youth of Nigeria

Pax Africana Foundation

Peace and Development Brigades

Peace and Life Enhancement Initiative International (PLEII)

Peace Movement


P.E.E.R Group


Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria

Phelyn Skill Aquisition Center (PSAC)

Pinnacle of Hope Foundation

Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria (PPFN)

Platform for Helping Women and Youth Initiative

Police Officers Wives Association

Poor Masses Association of Nigeria

Population Welfare And Empowerment Foundation

Poverty Alleviation for the Poor Initiative

Precious Family Nutriwellness and Development Foundation (PFNDF)

Prince Abubakar Audu Foundation (PAU Foundation)

Primestone Habitat Africa

Prison Officers Wives Association

Prison Reform

Prisoners, Rehabilitation & Welfare Action (PRAWA)

Private Sector Development Initiative

Professionals Without Frontiers (PWF)

Progressive Women Forum

Project Friendship Initiative (PFI)

Pro-Natura International (Nigeria)

Public Complaints Commission

Public Enlightenment Project

Public Thought Forum


Pyramid Educational Advancement Foundation (P.E.A Foundation)


Qualitative Education Foundation

Quranic Women’s Group


Rainbow Synergies

Real life evangelistic ministries

Real Life International

Real Woman Foundation

Real Women Association of Nigeria

Reconnect Health Development Initiative

Reconciliation Trainers Africa (RETA)

Reference Point International

Rescue Operation International

Research Center for Democratic Gov & Social Justice

Resource Development Institute

Return to the Community Initiative

Reverend Irowele

River Blindness Foundation

Rivers Economic Development Forum

Riverine Communities Health and Development Organization (RIVCHO)

Root & Fruit Women Farmers Society of Nigeria

Royal School Educational Therapy Foundation (RSETF)

RSO limited – The Music Business people

Rural Friends for Development Consultations

Rural Voices of Youth (UNICEF VOY

Ruth Adeosun Care Foundation


Safehaven International a.k.a Commecial Sex Workers Initiative

Safe Food and Feed Foundation

Sahara Farmers Foundation (SFF)

Saint of Charity

Sajju Institute & Research Foundation

Salvation Army

Santoscreations Educational Foundation

Save a Soul

Save Your Liver Foundation of Nigeria (SYLif)

Save Our Future Hope Int. Initiative

Science Environment and Development

Science Teachers Association of Nigeria

Serendipity Healthcare Organisation

Serendipity Help Foundation

Serendipity House Nigeria

Sexual Abuse Project (CHISAP)

Share Hope Organization

Sickle Cell Advocacy And Management Initiative (SAMI)

Sickle Cell Club

Skills & Ideas Development Initiative


SmartSistas Foundation (SSF)

Skills Outside School Foundation

Social Advocacy Group

Social Science and Reproductive Health Network

Social Work Advocate

Society for Family Health (SFH)

Society for Family Health (SFH)

Society for Hepatitis-B

Society for the Preservation and Restoration of Women Dignity

Society for the Welfare of the Blind in Nigeria (SWBN)

Society for Women & AIDS in Africa (SWAAN)

Society of Nigeria Artist

Society of Women Accountants of Nig

Solace for She and Child Care Initiative (SOLACE)

Sola Olagunju Foundation

Solabi Yusuf Foundation

Soroptimist International of Nigeria

SOS Children Villages, Nigeria

Spring Nigeria Ltd

Star Children Development Initiative

St Michael Foundation

Staftay Empowerment Initiative

Steps To Life…Nigeria

Stop AIDS Organization

Stop With Us

Street Child Care and Welfare Initiative

Street Kids International

Stroke Care Advocacy Initiative (SCI)

Success Achievers Foundation

Success Attitude Development Centre

Successgate Christian Foundation

Successful Youth Foundation

Succour for the World

Support Bridges Initiative

Support Foundation Development Center

Sustainable Development Network

Synagogue of Jewish Kingdom Churches of Nigeria (SJK Churches)

Sympathy Worldwide Foundation


Tabitha International

TalentPlus Resources International

Teen Health Care Network

Teenz Global Foundation (TGF)

Tendrils of Hope


Tessy Mother and Child Development

The African woman and child Advancement Initiative

The Ajumogobia Science Foundation

The Center for Development of Africa through Law CENDLAW

The Centre for Development & Population Activities

The Conservators

The Cooperation of Lloyds

The Enabling Environment Forum Trust

The Excellent Group

The Executive Network

The Eye Opener

The Friends of the Environment & Miniteen

The Friday Osanebi Foundation (FOF)

The Future Today Foundation

The G-39 Humanity Development Synergy

The Hand of God Foundation

The Havids Centre for Environment and Development

The Help Initiative for Women and Children (THIWC)

The Intellectual Group

The Inanna Women Empowerment Foundation (IWEF)

The Irede Foundation

The Lord Seeth Foundation

The Lordsheep Ministries International

The Nigerian Medical Forum

The Nigerian Restitution Fund (NRF)

The Orderly Society Trust

The Passion House

The PinkDove Charitable Initiative

The Pulse

The Revival and Evangelical Ministry, Inc.

The Salvation Army

The Sonny Kuku Foundation

The Vale College

The Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre

The Youth Future Savers Initiative (YFSI)

The Youth Movement of Nigeria

The Zenith club

Tiv Traditional Rulers Wives Assoc

Tiv Youth Organization

Tolajoke Foundation (TJF)

TomWak Art Gallery

Total Care Unit

Total Health Organisation

Touch-A-Life Estates

Tourist Friends and Holiday Care

Traditional Birth Attendants of Cross River State

Traffina Foundation for Community Health

Transforming Emeabiam

Transparency in Nigeria

Transparency International (Nigeria)


Trippinz Care Incorporation


Tripple Joy Foundation (TRIJOF)

Triumphant Health and Development Initiaitve

Trinitta-Rose Charity Organisation (TRCO)

Treasure Builder Foundation

True Senior Citizens

Tul Foundation (

Tunde Ekpekurede Foundation (TEF)

Twins Action Aid International

Twins Initiative Network

Twin and I Child Care Foundation (TICCF)


Ude Nwosu Foundation (UNF)

Umuobasi Women Council

Unemployment League

Uniport Artists

United Action for Democracy (UAD)

United Nations of Youth Network Nigeria

United womens front

United Youths Association

University of Bologna (MISP)


Unveiling Africa Foundation (UVA)

Upez African Humanitarian Development Projects


VASS Medical Foundation

Verobern International Consultancy

Verobern International Health Consultants Service

Vessel of God Charity Foundation (VGCF)

Vichis Okoye Foundation

Victoria Island & Ikoyi Resident’s Association

Vivienne Emma-Nwakanma Foundation (VEN FOUNDATION)


Vision 2010

Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation

Vitamin Angels

Voluntary Corps

Voluntary Service Overseas

Voluntary Workcamps Association of Nigeria



WAI Brigade of Nigeria

Walk Against Rape

Wazobia Democratic Concern


We Equip Development Initiative


West African Management Development inst Net.

West African Media Network

West African NGO Network (WANGONET)

Whistleblowers International Foundation (WIF)

Why? Why not?

Widows Development Organisation

WINAI Women Initiative Nigeria (WINAI WIN)

Wisdom Intitatives



Women Action Society

Women Advancement and Empowerment Centre: Nigerian Women in Politics

Women Advancement Forum

Women advocate research and documentation center

Women Against Rape Sexual Harassment & Exploitation

Women and Children With Disability

Women and Children’s Right Development Center

Women and New Orientation

Women and Youth Environmental Projects

Women’s Board-Educational Cooperation Society

Women Centre for Leadership & Training

Women Corona Society

Women Development & Gender Sensitive Organisation (WODEGSO)

Women Development Club

Women Empowerment Movement

Women Empowerment Youth Organization (WEYO)

Women Farmers Association of Nigeria

Women Federation for World Peace

Women for Democracy & Leadership

Women In Health & Economic Development

Women in Health Development

Women in Mining in Nigeria Initiatives

Women in Law and Development in Africa

Women in Nigeria

Women Issues & Development Initiation

Women Justice Program

Women Law & Development Centre Nigeria

Women Leadership Group

Women Missionary Society

Women Network Caucus

Women of Essence Foundation

Women of Grace Foundation

Women of Virtue Skill Training Centre

Women Organisation of Gender Issues

Women Resource Development & Protection Agency

Women Rights and Development Centre

Women Studies Unit

Women United for Economic Empowerment

Women’s Technology and Empowerment Centre (W.TEC)

Women’s Aid Collective (WACOL)

Women’s Center for Peace &Development

Women’s Consortium of Nigeria (WOCON)

Women’s Health & Economic Development Association

Women’s Health Organization of Nigeria

Women’s Health Research Network in Nigeria

Women’s Initiative for Self-Actualization

Women’s Optimum Development Foundation (WODEF)

Women’s Organisation for Gender Issues (WOGI)

Women’s Research & Documentation Centre

Women’s Right Action Group

Women’s Rights Watch – Nigeria

World Changers Foundation

World Organization for Early Childhood Education (OMEP)

World Vision International

World Water and Development Foundation

WorldWIDE Network: Nigeria Women in Development & Environment


XP Media Relations


Yancoop Investment Limited


Yellow Jerrycan Save a Child Foundation (YJS)

YESI Poverty Alleviation

Yoruba Foundation

Yoruba Youth Women Association

Young Children Centre Point (YCCP)

Young farmers Club

Young Men Christian Association

Young Women Christian Association

Youth & Enterprise Initiative

Youth & Women Empowerment Initiative (YAWEI)

Youth Action and Hope Organisation

Youth Action on Tobacco Control and Health

Youth Awareness League

Youth Awareness And Guidance Organisation

Youth Campaign Against Drug and Social Abuse

Youth Education and Leadership Initiative (YELI)

Youth Empowerment And Development Initiative (YEDI)

Youth Enlightenment Foundation

Youth for Technology Foundation

Youth for Youth International

Youth Org Gospel Baptist Conference of Nigeria

Youth Participatory Project

Youth Regeneration Movement

Youth Resources Development Council


Youth Rescue and Care Initiative (YORCI)

Youth Watch Africa



Zaria Educational Development Association

Zee Karatu

Zero Coalition

Zero Corruption

Zhihwi mercy foundation

Zonta International Club of Lagos

NNNGO Member of the Month

The Innercity Mission for Children

The Innercity Mission for Children… “Every Child is your Child”. Prominently located within the serene suburb of Ikeja along the thorough fare that leads to the seat of Lagos State Government is the famous 15, Eze Iyamu Street, off Billingsway, Alausa, where a faith-based non-governmental organization, the Innercity Mission for Children, that delivers sustainable solution to the problem of urban and rural child poverty in innercity communities has its operational headquarters.. Continue reading…