NGO Salaries in Nigeria



In Nigeria, employees in the NGO sector earn better salaries compared to 60 % of employees in other sectors. The lowest paid employee, a casual worker pockets monthly pay in excess of N30, 000, several other professionals earn upwards N70, 000.

There are many ways of joining NGO sector; the first and most obvious way is to join as an intern. The second and common way is by joining as a professional employee.

As you know, professionals in this sector earn varying amount of money, which depend on the course you pursued in college and the job title you hold in the institution, but our work is to research on the average employee pay across the NGOs in this country, and below is the pay for each profession.

Profession/Job Title Salary (NGN) Per Month
Front Office/Secretary 30,000-60,000
Statistician/Data Analyst 60,000-90,000
Finance Officer 75,000-102,000
Program Officer 90,000-135,000
M&E Officer 90,000-150,000
Research Officer 63,000-98,000
Business Development Officer 75,000-130,000
Finance Manager 120,000-180,000
HR 85,000-180,000
Data Entry 15,000-30,000
Quality Analyst 60,000-120,000
Communication Officer 70,000-120,000


The highest paying NGOs in Nigeria are those affiliated with the United Nations, USAID and World Bank. These NGOs pay in excess of NGN 100,000 per month.

Some of the most popular degree programs for NGO sector include HIV and Aids related programs, Statistics, Public Health, Nursing, Law, journalism, Public Relations, Marketing and International relations.


  1. Well done bro…
    Actually, I was recently asked in an interview to name the least amount I can take for the position of a research associate in an NGO, and I said #80,000. As I don’t know the funding strength of the organisation. I thought I underpriced myself and that’s bad as they might even be deducting some cash for pension, tax etc. They might even think that I don’t have good knowledge of what the post entails.

    What’s your thought on this?

    Compliment of the season.