Makerere University Cut off points 2020


Here are the cut off points for Makerere University 2020.If you wish to be admitted for any course, you must attain the following cut off points:





   Cut Off
1Bachelor of Science in Accounting (Evening) MUBSACC31.0
2Bachelor of Business Administration (Day) Jinja – Mak.ADJ12.7
3Bachelor of Business Administration (Day) Mak.ADM39.2
4Bachelor of Business Administration (Evening) Mak.ADN35.1
5Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering (Day)AGE36.3
6Bachelor of Agribusiness Management (Day)AGM28.9
7Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Day)AGR29.2
8Bachelor of Architecture (Day)ARC46.5
9Bachelor of Arts (Arts) – DayARS14.5
10Bachelor of Science in Accounting (Evening) Arua – MUBSASA17.9
11Bachelor Arts (Social Sciences) (Evening)ASE23.8
12Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) (Day)ASS32.0
13Bachelor of Adult and Community Education (Day)BAC16.1
14Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Land Use & Management (Day)BAM24.7
15Bachelor of Animal Production Technology & Management (Day)BAP21.9
16Bachelor of Agricultural and Rural Innovation (Day)BAR21.1
17Bachelor of Agricultural and Rural Innovation (External)BAX14.6
18Bachelor of Business Administration (Evening) MUBSBBA19.8
19Bachelor of Business Computing (Day)BBC30.0
20Bachelor of Business Administration (Day) MUBSBBD29.0
21Bachelor of Business Computing (Evening) MUBSBBE21.3
22Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering (Day)BBI39.6
23Bachelor of Business Computing (Jinja) DayBBJ17.4
24Bachelor of Business Statistics (Day) MakerereBBS18.0
25Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology (Day)BBT27.4
26Bachelor of Science in Conservation Biology (Day)BCB19.1
27Bachelor of Adult and Community Education (Evening)BCE15.0
28Bachelor of Catering & Hotel Mananement (Day)BCM26.5
29Bachelor of Community Psychology (Day)BCO30.5
30Bacholor of Arts (Development Economics)Jinja Evening)BDAx
31Bachelor of Arts in Drama and Film (Day)BDF25.0
32Bachelor of Dental Surgery (Day)BDS40.8
33Bacholor of Arts in Economics (Day) MUBSBEC28.1
34Bachelor of Environmental Health Science DayBEH30.1
35Bachelor of Entreprenuership and Small Business Management (Jinja ) DayBEJ15.3
36Bachelor of Community Psychology (Evening)BEP22.3
37Bachelor of Enterprenuership & Small Business Management (Day) MUBSBES32.3
38Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Aquaculture (Day)BFS17.3
39Bachelor of Geographical Sciences (Day)BGS25.6
40Bachelor of Human Resource Management (Evening) MUBSBHE20.2
41Bachelor of Human Resource Management (Day) MUBSBHM30.1
42Bachelor of Information Systems & Technology (Eveing) Jinja – MakBIA15.8
43Bachelor of International Business (Day) MUBSBIB23.9
44Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry (Day)BIC37.8
45Bachelor of Office and Information Management (Day)BIM16.1
46Bachelor of Industrial & Organisation Psychology (Day)BIP32.1
47Bachelor of Business Computing (Jinja) EveningBJB17.0.
48Bachelor of Journalism & Communication (Day)BJC44.7
49Bachelor of Journalism & Communication (Evening)BJE42.1
50Bachelor of Commerce (Jinja – MUBS) EveningBJJ08.4.
51Bachelor of Commerce (Jinja – MUBS) DayBJO09.8.
52Bachelor of Science in Accounting Jinja – MUBS (Day)BJS18.8

53Bachelor of Industrial Livestock and Business (Day)BLB17.3
54Bachelor of Library and Information Science (Evening)BLE26.4
55Bachelor Leadership and Governance (Day)BLG17.1
56Bachelor of Leasure and Hospitality Management (Day)BLH17.0
57Bachelor of Biomedical Laboratory Technology (Evening)BLT31.1
58Bachelor of Science in Accounting (Mbarara) DayBMA15.7
59Bachelor of Science in Marketing (Evening)BME15.6
60Bachelor of Business Administration (Mbale) MUBSBML15.4
61Bachelor of Business Adminstration (Day) MbararaBMM12.4
62Bachelor of Science in Meteorology (Day)BMT31.5
63Bachelor of Business Administration (Evening) Mbarara – MUBSBNM15.7
64Bachelor of Science in Forestry (Day)BOF27.9
65B.Office & Information Mgt(evening)BOM17.3
66Bachelor of Industrial & organisational Psychology (Evening)BOP23.9
67Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Geoscience and Production (Day)BPG37.4
68Bachelor of Population Studies (Day)BPS17.6
69Bachelor of Optometry (Day)BPT40.0
70Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Economic (Day)BQE30.9
71Bachelor of Records & Archives Management (Day)BRA37.3
72Bachelor of Catering and Hotel Management (Day) Jinja – MUBSBRC18.8
73Bachelor of Records & Archives Management (Evening)BRE30.1
74Bachelor of Business Administration (Day) Jinja – MUBSBRJ15.7
75Bachelor of Real Estate Business Management (Day)BRM17.6
76Bachelor of Business Administration (Eveing) Jinja – MUBSBRO16.3
77Bachelor of Science in Accounting (Day) MUBSBSA39.0
78Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences (Day)BSB37.3
79Bachelor of Science in Finance (Day) MUBSBSF29.9
80Bachelor of Information System & Technology(Eve)BSI24.6
81Bachelor of Information Systems and Technology (Day) Jinja – MakBSJ16.8
82Bachelor of Science of Speech & Language Therapy (Day)BSL32.9
83Bachelor of Science in Marketing (Evening)BSM15.7
84Bachelor of Sports Science (Day)BSP28.9
85Bachelor of Business Administration (Evening) Arua – MUBSBSU13.8
86Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (Day)BSW35.3
87Bachelor of International Business (Evening)BTB16.0
88Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Hospitality Management (Day)BTH29.5
89Bachelor of Travel & Tourism Management (Day)BTT25.5
90Bachelor of Urban & Regional Planning (Day)BUP37.7
91Bachelor of Business Statistics (Day) MUBSBUS12.4
92Bachelor of Environmental Science (Day)BVS22.5
93Bachelor of Water & Irrigation EngineeringBWE25.8
94Bachelor of Cytotechnology (Day)BYT35.1
95Bachelor of Youth Development Work (Day)BYW14.7
96Bachelor of Commerce (Evening)CEO29.2
97Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (Afternoon)CIA45.8
98Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (Day)CIV47.6
99Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (Evening)CME37.8
100Bachelor of Commerce (Day) Mbarara – MUBSCMM9.5
101Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (Day)CMP38.3
102Bachelor of Commerce (Evening) MUBSCOB18.2
103Bachelor of Commerce (Day) MakerereCOE36.2
104Bachelor of Commerce (Day) Jinja – Mak.COJ09.1.
105Bachelor of Commerce (Day) MUBSCOM23.0.
106Bachelor of Commerce (External)COX07.0.
107Bachelor of Procurement & Supply Chain Management (Day) Jinja – MUBSCRJ16.9
108Bachelor of Procurement & Supply Chain Management (Eve) Jinja – MUBSCRO17.9
109Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Day) MakerereCSC26.9

110Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Evening) MakerereCSE15.8
111Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Day) Jinja – Mak.CSJ22.1
112Bachelor of Arts of Development Economics (Day)DEC36.5
113Bachelor of Arts in Development Economics (Evening)DEE21.7
114Bachelor of Arts in Development Economics (Day) Jinja – Mak.DEJ19.6
115Diploma in Performing Arts (Day)DPA21.6
116Bachelor of Development Studies (Evening) MakDVE23.4
117Bachelor of Development Studies (Day) Jinja – Mak.DVJ16.4
118Bachelor of Development Studies (Day) Mak.DVS31.0.
119Bachelor of Arts in Economics (Eve) MakECE22.1
120Bachelor of Arts in Economics (Jinja – Mak) DayECJ18.6
121Bachelor of Arts in Economics (Day) MakECO29.0.
122Bachelor of Arts with Education (Day)EDA33.2
123Bachelor of Science with Education (Biological) DayEDB24.9
124Bachelor of Science with Education (Physical) DayEDP28.8
125Bachelor of Entreprenuership and Small Business Management (Arua) EveEEA18.9
126Bachelor of Science with Education (Economics) DayEEC28.6
127Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Afternoon)ELA43.9
128Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Day)ELE44.8
129Bachelor of Industrial & Fine Art (Day)FIN33.7
130Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology (Day)FST33.8
131Bachelor of Human Resource Management (Day) MbaleHML16.7
132Bachelor of Human Resource Management (Day) Mbarara – MUBSHNM17.8
133Bachelor of Science in Horticulture (Day)HOT27.2
134Bachelor of Human Resource Management (Day) Jinja – MUBSHSJ17.9
135Bachelor of Human Resource Management (Jinja) EveningHSO19.6
136Bachelor in Science in Human Nutrition (Day)HUN32.5
137Bachelor of Information Systems and Technology(Day)IST30.3
138Bachelor of Business Administration (Afternoon) Jinja – MakJAA17.4
139Bachelor of Entreprenuership and Small Business Management (Evening) JinjaJBB16.5
140Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Afternoon) Jinja – MakJCAx
141Bachelor of Arts in Development Economics (Afternoon) Jinja – MakJDA21.5
142Bachelor of Commerce (Afternoon) Jinja – MakJOA0.0.
143Bachelor of Leadership and Governmence(Eve)LGM16.2
144Bachelor of Library and Information Science (Day)LIS33.3
145Bachelor of Science in Land Surveying & Geomatics (Afternoon)LSE41.1
146Bachelor of Science in Land Surveying & Geomatics (Day)LSG41.6
147Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (Day)MAM43.3
148Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Afternoon)MEA40.2
149Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Day)MEC42.3
150Bachelor Medical Laboratory Technology(Day)MLT33.9
151Bachelor of Travel & Tourism Management (Mbarara) DayMTM17.9
152Bachelor of Arts in Music (Day)MUS18.0
153Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Day)NUR39.1
154Bachelor of Pharmancy (Day)PHA41.5
155Bachelor of Procurement & Supply Chain Management (Day) MbalePML19.5
156Bachelor of Procurement & Supply Chain Management (Day) MbararaPMM16.3
157Bachelor of Procurement and Supply Chain Management (Evening) MUBSPSC29.7
158Bachelor of Procuremennt and Supply Chain Management (Day) MUBSPSM35.3
159Bachelor of Procurement & Supply Chain Management (Eve) Arua – MUBSPSU19.7
160Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science (Day)SAS25.1
161Bachelor of Science in Construction Management (Afternoon)SCA38.1
162Bachelor of Science (Biological) DaySCB22.0
163Bachelor of Science in Construction Management (Day)SCM38.7
164Bachelor of Science (Physical) DaySCP18.8
165Bachelor of Science (External)SCX22.2
166Bachelor of Science (Economics) DaySEC18.6
167Bachelor of Science in Land Economics (Afternoon)SLA37.0

168Bachelor of Science in Land Economics (Day)SLE38.6
169Bachelor of Social Work & Social Administration (Day)SOC41.7
170Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying (Afternoon)SQA41.4
171Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying (Day)SQS42.1
172Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (Evening)SSE30.2
173Bachelor of Statistics (Day)STA31.1
174Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication Engineering (Day)STE41.2
175Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication Engineering (Afternoon)STM37.2
176Bachelor of Transport & Logistic Management (Evening) MUBSTLM14.1
177Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (Day)VET33.0
178Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Health Management (Day)WHM21.7
179Bachelor of Laws (Day)LAW57.0
180Bachelor of Laws (Evening)LAE52.0
181Bachelor of Science in Processing EngineeringBBPx

1Bachelor of Business AdministrationMAKADM48.4
2Bachelor of Science in Agricultural EngineeringMAKAGE45.6
3Bachelor of Agribusiness ManagementMAKAGM45.2
4Bachelor of Science in AgricultureMAKAGR38.4
5Bachelor of ArchitectureMAKARC48.5
6Bachelor of Agricultural Land use and ManagementMAKBAM35.6
7Bachelor of Animal Production Technology and ManagementMAKBAP38.4
8Bachelor of Agricultural and Rural InnovationMAKBAR40.3
9Bachelor of Science in Biomedical EngineeringMAKBBI48.0
10Bachelor of Science in Business StatisticsMAKBBS47.1
11Bachelor of Science in BiotechnologyMAKBBT40.8
12Bachelor of Science in Conservation BiologyMAKBCB32.3
13Bachelor of Community PsychologyMAKBCO48.6
14Bachelor of Arts in Drama and FilmMAKBDF48.4
15Bachelor of Dental SurgeryMAKBDS43.7
16Bachelor of Environmental Health ScienceMAKBEH40.9
17Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and AquacultureMAKBFS37.6
18Bachelor of Science in Industrial ChemistryMAKBIC47.3
19Bachelor of Industrial and Organisation PsychologyMAKBIP49.4
20Bachelor of Science in Medical RadiographyMAKBMR40.3
21Bachelor of Science in MeteorologyMAKBMT45.8
22Bachelor of Science in ForestryMAKBOF42.0
23Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Geoscience and ProductionMAKBPG50.8
24Bachelor of Science in Population StudiesMAKBPS47.8
25Bachelor of OptometryMAKBPT43.4
26Bachelor of Science in Quantitative EconomicsMAKBQE47.7
27Bachelor of Records & Archives Management (Science)   1MAKBRA40.4
28Bachelor of Records & Archives Management (Arts) MAKBRA49.0
29Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences MAKBSB43.6
30Bachelor of Science in Speech and Language Therapy MAKBSL38.8
31Bachelor of Sports Science MAKBSP33.9
32Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering MAKBSW49.5
33Bachelor of Science in Tourism & Hospitality MAKBTH46.9
34Bachelor of Environmental Science MAKBVS40.1
35Bachelor of Cytotechnology MAKBYT41.0
36Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering MAKCIV52.6
37Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering MAKCMP47.3
38Bachelor of Commerce MAKCOE49.0
39Bachelor of Science in Computer Science MAKCSC44.1
40Bachelor of Arts in Development Economics MAKDEC49.8
41Bachelor of Arts in Economics MAKECO41.0
42Bachelor of Arts with Education-Literature MAKEDA48.9
43Bachelor of Arts with Education-Kiswahili MAKEDA50.3
44Bachelor of Arts with Education-French MAKEDA43.3
45Bachelor of Arts with Education-German MAKEDA32.8
46Bachelor of Science with Education-Biological MAKEDB38.1
47Bachelor of Science with Education-Physical MAKEDP43.3
48Bachelor of Science with Education-Economics MAKEEC42.5
49Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering MAKELE50.7
50Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology MAKFST40.2
51Bachelor of Industrial and Fine Arts MAKFIN45.2
52Bachelor of Science in Horticulture MAKHOT35.3
53Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition MAKHUN40.3
54Bachelor of Information Systems & Technology MAKIST46.4
55Bachelor of Library and Information Science (Science) MAKLIS42.7
56Bachelor of Library and Information Science (Arts) MAKLIS48.0
57Bachelor of Science in Land Surveying and Geomatics MAKLSG47.8
58Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor Surgery MAKMAM45.5
59Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering MAKMEC48.9
60Bachelor of Biomedical Laboratory Technology2MAKMLT43.6
61Bachelor of Arts in MusicMAKMUS46.7
62Bachelor of Science (Nursing)MAKNUR-F42.5
63Bachelor of Science (Nursing)MAKNUR-M43.5
64Bachelor of PharmacyMAKPHA44.0
65Bachelor of Science in Actuarial ScienceMAKSAS41.0
66Bachelor of Science-BiologicalMAKSCB37.4
67Bachelor of Science in Construction ManagementMAKSCM46.6
68Bachelor of Science-PhysicalMAKSCP41.2
69Bachelor of Science-EconomicsMAKSEC42.0
70Bachelor of Science in Land EconomicsMAKSLE47.1
71Bachelor of Social WorkMAKSOC48.7
72Bachelor of Science in Quantity SurveyingMAKSQS48.6
73Bachelor of StatisticsMAKSTA37.3
74Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications EngineeringMAKSTE48.6
75Bachelor of Veterinary MedicineMAKVET41.0
76Bachelor of Science in Wild Life Health and ManagementMAKWHM40.8
77Bachelor of Business ComputingMUBSBBC48.8
78Bachelor of Business AdministrationMUBSBBD45.8
79Bachelor of Entrepreneurship & Small Business MgtMUBSBES48.7
80Bachelor of International BusinessMUBSBIB49.4
81Bachelor of Office and Information ManagementMUBSBIM47.1
82Bachelor of Leisure and Hospitality ManagementMUBSBLH48.2
83Bachelor of CommerceMUBSCOM45.6
84Bachelor of Procurement andSupply Chain ManagementMUBSPSM49.6