Why MBA is one of the Best Masters To Study in Liberia



Master of Business Administration (MBA) is among the most exciting programs to study in Liberia. The program, which takes at least one year to complete is one of the requirements for managerial positions in Liberian companies.

MBA is most ideal for people who have business and finance background, but can also be pursued by statisticians, procurement officers, marketers, engineers and any other specialist who wish to pursue management courses.

It has been established that MBA holders in Liberia earn almost double the salary of normal masters holders.Additionally, these professionals (MBA) have an upper hand when it comes to promotions and salary increment. It is for this reason that many graduates in Liberia have seen it fit to enroll for the course.Today,over 1,000 Liberians are actively pursuing MBA at various universities within the country and abroad.

What I want to emphasize here is that having just an MBA may not guarantee you employment, but the college you enroll for the degree matters. Liberians are always encouraged to study at the University of Liberia, which is the best university here or fly to UK, USA, Canada,Australia and popular universities abroad. There are several scholarships provided for MBA students.