Jumia Kenya Jobs and Salaries



Jumia Kenya is the most popular online store in Kenya that sells smartphones, clothes and electronics. The store employs sales executives, motorcycle riders, IT experts, customer service staff and accountants. The salary paid by this institution depends on an individual’s job position and experience.

To start with, sales executives are paid Ksh15,000-Ksh40,000 plus attractive commissions. The most common salary for sales executives is Ksh25, 000, meaning that more than 50 % of employees bearing this title earn Ksh25, 000.

The other group that are commonly employed by Jumia include customer care staff and accountants. For the case of customer care, the salary range from Ksh25,000-Ksh35,000 while accountants, who mostly possess CPA qualification and diploma in business related courses, earn Ksh30,000-Ksh70,000.

Managers are the best paid employees at Jumia; their salaries range from Ksh90, 000-Ksh200,000.

The CEO of Jumia earns Ksh2m-Ksh2.5m