Why Supply and Procurement is one of the best degree programmes in Uganda



Top university degrees in Uganda are countable, but procurement and supply remain one of the best, and here is why.

Every office that do purchasing and supplies require purchasing and supplies professionals. In Uganda, there are over 1000 companies that employ these graduates, which is good news to procurement graduates.

One of the most exciting things about these careers is that, on top of the salary, there are other “hidden” benefits that come with the job. Such benefits are realized when one is involved in tendering. If you are working for the government, you can easily become rich because of the benefits you get when you sign tenders.

Another thing is: the course is extremely marketable and well-paying.I have personally seen many procurement officers who earn even more than Ush5 million per month. But the salary comes after some years of work experience. It is this reason that you should consider pursuing procurement course.

Another convincing reason to pursue the degree is the fact that you can be eslf employed, where you apply for tenders or supply goods to companies and government institutions.

If you compare common courses like education and front office, procurement beats them all in almost all aspects.