Most Profitable Blogging Niches in Nigeria


There are about 10 most profitable niches for bloggers in Nigeria. Since majority of bloggers use AdSense to make money, we shall focus on niches with high CPC for AdSense monetization bloggers. There are also a few niches which are good for bloggers who don’t monetize with AdSense.

The CPC for AdSense in Nigeria range between $0.05 and $0.20. However, there are few niches which attract CPC as high as $0.50.

Before you start blogging, always research about niches with high paying long-tail keywords. Such keywords are found in the most profitable niches. Below is a list of the best niches for Nigerian bloggers

  • Gambling

The most profitable niche in Nigeria is gambling. Though AdSense may not allow you to place adverts on your blog, there are many affiliate marketing programs you can join. You are also allowed to sell betting tips to Nigerian gamblers.

Some of the leading affiliate programs for gambling bloggers are:

22Bet(click here to join)

1XBET(click here to join)

If your blog becomes popular enough, you’ll make over N1 million every month from affiliate marketing and selling of betting tips.

  • Health

Health is also another profitable niche but only relevant to bloggers who understand matters to do with health. A single click will generate $0.10 to $100 from AdSense. A site with 1 million monthly visitors will make more than $3,000.

  • Web hosting and blogging

Bloggers who are popular in this industry earn more than $20,000 per month. This niche is not an easy one but it’s rewarding. Bloggers make money through affiliate marketing, sponsored advertisements and AdSense. The CPC for web hosting content is 20 times more than that of news sites.

Your content may not attract as many readers as news sites but your income will be more than theirs.

  • Business

There are many topics in business but I would advise that you focus on mortgage, loans, banking, forex and oil. These are the topics which attract the highest paying keywords. A single AdSense click will yield a CPC of $0.20 to $1.

You need 100,000 visits per month to generate more than $1,000. If your blog manages to attract 1 million readers every month, your income will be above $3,500.

  • Educations & Scholarships

You should also aim to create a niche blog for Education & Scholarships, you will get more targeted adverts with a CPC of more than $0.20.

There are many Nigerians aspiring to study abroad and they will be more than willing to click on the adverts on your site from AdSense.

Education blogs are also popular; you can easily manage over 10 million monthly page views.

  • Sports

Sports is also another excellent niche for Nigerian bloggers. Since Nigerians love football, having a relevant blog that provides information about latest news on football will work magic. The blog will be so popular that you will have to employ several people to work for you.

Sports blog will generate income from AdSense and direct banner sponsorship.

  • Entertainment

Though entertainment does not attract the best of AdSense CPC, it’s a profitable niche. Some of the leading bloggers in this niche include Linda Ikeji, who manages to earn more than N100 million per month.

The good thing about entertainment blogs is that you won’t struggle to get traffic.

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