My degree Course is Hard and I have Already Enrolled in Canada, What Do I Do



I have enrolled for a degree in medicine in Canada. After three months of studying, I have found the program hard. Sincerely, I can’t continue with this course and I feel I should quit. I need your advice on the way forward.


Thank you for your wonderful question. The problem faces thousands of many Canadian students. This simply to do with lack of interest in the program or wrong advise from career advisors and parents.

If I were at your position, this is what I could do

Apply for course transfer

The first thing to do is to apply for a course transfer within the institution. Most universities in Canada allow this to happen and they encourage whoever feels that changing a career is a good idea.

Most universities in our country require that you approach your relevant department, fill a course transfer form and wait between 2 to 4 weeks. The university will consider your request and allow you transfer to the course of your choice.

If you were pursuing a medicine course, avoid medical related degree programmes, because they would offer the same challenge as the previous one.

Have a break from the university

The second decision to take is to have a break from the University for Sometime then enroll for the course later when your mind is settled. Though this is not a wise decision, it’s good enough for people who have passion for medicine related courses.

Change the university

You can also transfer from your university into a university where you’d feel comfortable studying for the course. Some students feel comfortable in some universities as opposed to others. This is contributed by the kind of lectures in those universities, the syllabus and the atmosphere.

Apply for a course you are passionate about

Passion overshadows everything. In life, it’s not all about the marketability of the course but your passion. A university program can be easy but without passion, you will never enjoy studying the course. This is why it’s important to select a program you are comfortable with.