Nigeria Teachers’ Salaries, Shocking Details



Teachers’ salaries in Nigeria are not much in public domain but we would like to reveal shocking details about the pay. While Federal government pays peanuts, private schools especially in Abuja pay as high as N600,000 per month, which is more than double what some doctors earn.

Primary school teachers earn the least amount of money, followed by high school teachers. Latest figures, according to salary scale, reveal that the average salary of a primary teacher is N 15,000 while that of a high school teacher is N37,000.

When it comes to private schools, the average salary is slightly higher than for public schools, but the pay depends on geographical location and the type of school an individual works for. The median pay of a teacher in these schools is N 67,000.

If you are a graduate teacher and would like to earn the best pay, these are the best paying schools in Nigeria you should seek employment from:

  1. Regent School Maitama
  2. Bloombreed High School
  3. Lead British International School
  4. Norwegian International School, Port Harcourt
  5. Nigerian Turkish International College
  6. Greenoak International School
  7. International Community School
  8. Charles Dale Memorial International School
  9. Whiteplains British School
  10. Dowen College,Lekki
  11. Chrisland College
  12. Atlantic Hall,Ape

The list provided above is of the highest paying schools in Nigeria. For instance, Regent School Maitama,the most expensive school in Nigeria, pays a gross monthly salary of between N120,000-N400,000.Other schools in the list also pay in the neighbourhood of this range.

But what should be noted is that the institutions employ the best teachers in the region. In fact most teachers here possess even PhD qualifications, which is why salaries are abnormally high.

With a degree in education, you are highly encouraged to apply for employment in any of the listed schools and you will enjoy the perks.






  1. I’m a degree holder i had BA in French language how do i apply for teaching appointment at Regent.