Nurses Salaries in South Africa Per Month


The average salary of Nurses in South Africa per month is R17,000. However, there are nurses which earn as little as R5,000 per month especially those without professional work experience.

The salary of Nurses also depends on the town one is based. Generally, Nurses in Johannesburg earn more money than those in small towns, this is because of the high cost of living in Johannesburg.

A registered Nurse earns more than the unregistered one. The gap is as wide as R10,000 per month between the two groups. Employers believe that registered nurses are more professional and highly likely to perform a better job than the unregistered nurses.

Some of the nurses interviewed in South Africa revealed their salaries:


I am Winnie and currently working for a government hospital in Johannesburg. I have been a nurse for a decade now and my monthly salary is R21,300. When I was first employed, my monthly salary was R8,200, it has been growing annually and I believe in five years’ time,it will hit R30,000.


I work for a private hospital in Pretoria as a specialist. I pursued Nursing in College. My current pay is R14,420 per month. Though I haven’t been in the industry for long (5 years),I believe my salary is commensurate with my experience—though I wish to earn more.


I didn’t wish to reveal what I take home, please let it be anonymous. I am based in Johannesburg as a Nurse. My professional experience span over 22 years. My current pay is R34,500 per month.

In South Africa, nurses earn less than medical doctors by a margin or more than R15,000. There are some doctors who take home up to R200,000 per month.

Nurses with more than 10 years of experience are the ones earning more than R15,000. Those in theatre, and the ones with a degree or masters course earn more than those performing light duties.