NYS Recruitment in Kenya



The Kenya National Youth Service will be carrying out recruitment across the country in the near future in hopes of drafting more than 26,000 youth by the end of the exercise.

This new number, set as a target by the office of the president, is a way of giving more youth the opportunity to fulfill their purpose by giving them a platform through which they can realize their potential. Before the service recruiting team goes out, the dates of recruitment are made public; indicating the time the team will visit each district in Kenya to select from among the young people who wish to offer themselves for recruitment.

The recruitment will be done twice a year, with an intake of about 13,000 young men and women each time. The training will take four months and the recruits who will have successfully finished their training will graduate every six months.Vacancies in each intake is allocated to every province, so that the Service receives recruits from every part of Kenya and is truly national in its composition.

This year’s recruitment will be done in a bid to give the youth, especially those out of jobs, a sense of purpose in their life and to give them a sense of loyalty to their country. After the training that instills discipline, commitment, and a feeling of duty in the recruits, the servicemen and women of the Kenya National Youth Service will offer their services for the good and development of our nation.

The recruitment is aimed at giving fresh high school graduates and young people in general, another option when it comes to employment and higher education. Through the National Youth Service, various technical skills such as masonry, dressmaking, and plumbing among others are taught, thus giving the youth a chance to be self-sufficient once the training is completed.

Also, due to the rise of insecurity in Kenya and the recruitment will be used to reduce the instances of the youth being drafted into vigilante and terrorist groups. Since the majority of the targets of radicalization are the young people, joining the Kenya National Youth Service will be great weapon in eliminating the occurrence of controversial groups within our country.