Pharmacist Salary in Dubai



Pharmacist Salary in Dubai range between AED 3,500-AED15, 000 per month. This pay depends on several factors, which we are going to discuss below.

The lowest paid pharmacists are those who hold not more than a certificate in pharmacy. These normally work in various pharmacies across the country and are paid between AED 3,500-AED 6,000.

There are also pharmacists who pocket at least AED 6,000 and at most AED 10,000.These are new graduates who join the profession as trainees. Their salaries are low because they have not accumulated enough experience to guarantee them decent pay.

A pharmacist who has grown in the industry earn between AED 10,000 to AED 20,000 per month. These are pharmacists who work for top hospitals in the country and pharmaceutical companies. They hold a degree in pharmacy and reasonable amount of professional experience.

Pharmacists’ salaries vary depending on the sector they work for and the amount of experience one has accumulated over time. The more you stay in the industry the better.

Another factor that contributes to a good pay is the academic qualification. If you have excellent qualifications from a top university nothing will prevent you from earning a decent pay. Also, Pharmacists from countries like USA,UK and Canada tend to earn more in Dubai than those from other countries.