Price of Curved TVs in Kenya


The price of curved TV in Kenya range between Ksh 30,000 and Ksh1.5 million depending on the brand, size and quality of the TV. TVs are among electronic product which drop in price at increasing rate. You may buy a TV today at Ksh 30,000 and when yiu visit the same shop next year, you find that the same TV costs Ksh20,000.

Among the popular TV brands in Kenya include:

  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • TCL
  • Hisense
  • Vision Plus
  • LG

Samsung and Sony have the best quality TVs, followed by Hisense and LG. In the modern world, there are digital televisions and Smart TVs.Majority of curved TVs come as smart TVs.

Curved TVs come in different sizes, the post popular being, size 32,size 49,size 55,size 65 and size 43,you can check all the sizes here

Here is the average price of the curved TVs in Kenya based on size:

Size 32—Ksh 30,000-Ksh50,000

Size 43—Ksh 35,000-Ksh60,000

Size 55—Ksh 40,000 —Ksh70,000

Size 65—Ksh 45,000—Ksh 100,000

It’s rare to get someone buying a TV that costs over Ksh 100,000, more than 95% of Kenyans own TVs that cost less than Ksh 50,000.

The best place to buy curved TV

Curved TVs are available in supermarkets, electronics shops like those owned by Sony and Samsung and in online stores. But the best place to buy cheaply is to order at Jumia online.Jumia has a variety of TVs which cost almost half the price you’ll buy in supermarkets.You can visit Jumia website via this link and see the prices

To purchase a television from Jumia, visit the website, create an account, browse through the televisions and make an order. Jumia will send the delivery staff to your doorstep. You will then pay upon delivery.

Curved TVs are better than the normal flat screens because they provide fancy images which are in most cases 3D. They are also durable.